Creating Quizzes: Turning Them Into Games Students Will Love

Quiz Question

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It’s official! I am a Clive Shepherd stalker- well, at least on the internet. So why do I say this? Because I’ve been taken delight in all installments of his blog post called A practical guide to creating quizzes, which is now on it’s 4th installment.

So what’s on the menu for this particular post? How to turn quizzes into games to keep students interested. And as a teacher, I can’t tell you enough how many times I’ve seen my students enter that zone wherein I’ve managed to bore the life out of them!

Now, I’ve employed several tactics over the years to keep FUN levels in my classes as high as the sky. How exactly do I do this? Well, this is where that wonderful post I was talking about comes in. Clive outlines several ways on how quizzes can be turned into games. So read on if you want lots of smiles and laughter in your class.

Enjoy teaching!


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