Domain Protection

The new Domain Protection feature allows you to lock your quizzes to your domain name. This helps if you’re worried about someone stealing your quiz and passing it off as their own content on a different website. Like all copyright protection measures, this isn’t a panacea and a determined copyright thief will be able to circumvent this measure, but it will deter the vast majority of casual abuse.

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3 Responses to Domain Protection

  1. Derek Jones says:

    How do I download this option?

  2. Hazel says:

    Hallo Derek

    If you have a Professional license for Question Writer 4 you can uninstall your existing software and download and install the updated version from our website.

    You will then see the Domain Protection option in your Quiz Properties-Web Settings.

    If you are a Standard license or a Question Writer 3 user you would need to upgrade your license. Drop us an email telling us what you are currently using and we will send you a link for upgrading.

  3. Derek Jones says:

    Very helpful reply, thank you. I am using the Professional version of Question Writer and would like the link, please.