E-Learning: New Age Story Telling

Photo used by creative commons from SanFranAnnie

Story telling today has changed so much from before- and I’m talking about from waaay back. Before computers and paper were around, story tellers had to sing their stories to eager ears! Imagine the pressure of having to sing those long tales to an audience without having to mess up. Not to mention getting all the words right so it can be passed on to the next generation of story-tellers-slash-singers.

Enter paper. I bet those vocal chords were thankful because this time, stories were recorded on good old papyrus- definitely an easier way of sharing tales.At present, mankind finds himself in the advent of yet another change in one of the most famous past times on earth: story telling. With the boom of technology and the digital age, stories can now be told via computers. Books are still around, yeah, but some find online books more interactive, therefore interesting.

For educators, mothers or whoever enjoys creating and telling stories, here’s a gold mine of links for digital story telling sites.

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