Explanation Question

There’s not a lot to say about the ‘Explanation Question’ – although, notably, it’s not a question. It allows you to add text and/or an image to a page in the quiz, without having to have an interactive element or score. It’s useful if you want to add an introduction to a section, a breather in the middle of a long quiz, or provide some reading material for a reading comprehension.
I think it will be one of the less frequently used elements so I haven’t added it to the main toolbar – there’s two ways to add it though, my favourite, with a right click and ‘Add Question’ –
and there is also the left click on the menu bar, and ‘Add Question’ –

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5 Responses to Explanation Question

  1. Good addition – one question: What if your quiz is randomised? Can you place this question, say, as question No. 30 in a randomized quiz?

  2. Alexander says:

    Hi Anna –
    Sort of. To guarantee its position, you’d need to take it out of the randomized section . . . so you could have a section with 29 randomized questions, followed by an explanation question, followed by a section with another 30 randomized questions.

  3. Thanks, Alex. In order to do that, would I “untick” the “randomized questions” in Properties (main, i.e. with the green door) – and only randomize within each section?

  4. Alexander says:

    Yes, in the Quiz Properties, you should uncheck randomization as you want to have all three elements asked and in the right order.
    You should also uncheck ‘Allow Section Contents to be randomized outside of section’ as this will try to send the questions to a higher level to be randomized which is not what you want when you want the Explanation to always remain in the same place.

  5. Fr. Anthony says:

    Hi there,

    I want to have a quiz – which is NOT randomised. (or at least there is an option to randomise at a later date).

    I would like to use this Explanation Page as a means for students to look at this page (and keep it visible?) whilst attempting the quiz after they have read the page.

    For example – if teaching History, I would like to write about The Battle of Crecy – and then for the students to take a quiz about it (which could be 1 – several questions).

    Many thanks!

    + Anthony