Flash Lite 2

Flash Lite 2 is the latest Flash player for mobile phones – imagine Flash Player 7 running on a small screen with limited memory and processor speed. FL2 can manage basic Question Writer quizzes as long as the theme is kept simple and the questions limited in number (about 10 with no feedback or 5 with feedback).
Here’s some sample Question Writer content for FlashLite 2 (double size in browser, click here to download .swf to try on your phone). The content here imagines that an estate agent (or realtor) is entering details of a new rental property. It works well as a quick and easy form – it can be used for form filling in a situation where a keyboard isn’t practical. It uses the texting mechanism so can be completed with one hand. I can also imagine using it to make a ‘Cosmo’ style quiz that could be sold like a ringtone, and also more serious portable diagnostic quizzes (using the branching mechanism).
Here’s the theme download (.qws) – (use Question Writer Publisher Edition if you need to alter the theme)

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