How to Publish a Quiz on the Internet


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You have finally finished the quiz that you meticulously put together. You put all the finishing touches and now it looks perfect! Now is the time to finally publish a quiz on the Internet (you don’t want to keep it to yourself, do you?).

Question Writer Tracker does the online publishing for you seamlessly. As the name implies, you would be able to track all your quizzes and check the responses of your test takers. (We offer unlimited storage and bandwidth! )

The following steps show you how to quickly publish a quiz on the Internet.

Step 1Select “Publish” then “Publish to Question Writer Tracker.”

Step 1: PublishStep 2Enter your e-mail address and password that you used when you registered for Question Writer Tracker.

Step 2: E-mailStep 3Hit the OK button to automatically publish the quiz on the web page. A pop up box shows the upload progress.

Step 3: UploadStep 4Another box appears after the upload is successful. A link is then created which you can e-mail or copy to your web site. If you click the “Yes” button, a new web page opens showing your uploaded quiz.

Step 4: Publish SuccessfulStep 5If you edit your existing quiz, you need to upload the new version to Question Writer Tracker. This will overwrite the old version.

Step 5: OverwriteStep 6To see the quizzes you have made, log on to Question Writer Tracker.

Step 6: LogStep 7You can see a list of all uploaded quizzes. Each quiz has a corresponding link which you can copy, or click on to take the quiz itself. If you want to delete a quiz, just click the red X mark beside it.

Step 7: List Quizzes

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