iBooks Quiz

You can use Question Writer HTML5 to create quiz widgets for iBooks Author. You can add the iBooks quiz like any other widget, and collect results and view reports on Question Writer Tracker.

iBooks does have some limited quiz features, but if you’re looking for something more capable – Question Writer is the most powerful quiz tool available and works seamlessly with iBooks. If you want to create a quiz with your own custom scoring, options, question types, feedback, audio and video – this is the solution.

If you want to try it out in iBooks, here’s a sample iBooks Quiz Widget I made earlier.

Export as iBooks Quiz Widget

Export as iBooks Quiz Widget

To create your own from your quiz, choose the ‘Export as iBooks Widget’ option in the Publish menu.

Technical tips for creating an iBooks Quiz

1. Select the ‘Maximize quiz in browser’ option in Web settings to ensure the iBooks quiz is displayed at the correct size.
2. Use a theme with a scrollable pane, rather than a scrollable page – as iBooks quiz widgets cannot scroll the page.

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