Multiple Scores

Question Writer 3 only allowed you to keep track of one score for each quiz. Question Writer 4 now lets you define multiple scores. You can use different scores for different topics in a quiz, or keep track of different factors in a Myers-Briggs type questionnairre.
Right click on a question (any except Explanation or Essay) to add one or more scores to a question and give the score a name in the properties box. Question Writer will still track the overall score across the quiz, but you’ll also be able to reference defined scores by name when evaluating whether to show feedback, or just to display the scores on screen.
For example, imagine you have a geography quiz with questions about two countries, Italy and France. You want to give the quiz taker a breakdown how well they scored on each of the countries. Simply add a score node to each question, giving the name ‘France’ or ‘Italy’ depending on the country of the question. On the final page, add two ‘Display Score’ node with ‘France’ and ‘Italy’ as the refences to display the scores back to the user.
Scores can also be examined by the evaluation, and different feedback can be shown according the values of different scores.

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