Partial Credit

I’ve just uploaded a new version of Quiz Editon with an important new feature – the Partial Credit question type.

The Partial Credit question allows you to specify the number of points awarded for each option and the number of options the student can choose. It also allows negative points – so you can have scoring designed to disincentivize guessing (negative marking).

I also made a five minute Flash presentation showing some of the different ways the partial credit question type can be used.

There’s been a lot of requests for these types of questions on the forum recently – but I must also thank Christopher Munro and Dr. Michael McCabe for the discussing the mechanics of it through the SEXPOT project – that’s Scoring EXemplars and Principles of Objective Testing – six of the multiple choice type questions can be created now with this Partial Credit question and there are some really interesting question types suggested in the final report.

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  1. BOOKER TEXT says:

    Hi,I have been reading many comments on your software and still a little unclear if it will suit my needs. However, I need a quiz that will allow unlimited concurrent users; log all users to a database; operate with a payment gateway; custom evaluate for a user score; acess quiz via username and password prompt; Finally,
    does it support Linux, mysql or MS SQL ???