Personal Edition – Free Quiz Software

Free Quiz Software is a stripped down version of Quiz Edition. It’s powerful for a free product, as you can see from this quiz on the seven wonders. It includes multiple choice questions, with feedback on each question and option and a full printable report. The results-by-email service is also supported. The personal license means you can author non-commercial quizzes on a computer that you personally own.
The restrictions (and benefits to upgrading to Quiz Edition) are
1. Only Multiple Choice Questions (No Matching, Multiple Response, Fill-In-The-Blank)
2. Only works with one theme (Fresh, Quiz Edition has many more themes)
3. No images or Flash animations with each question (Quiz edition now supports importing Flash 6)
4. No advanced options tab
5. No HTML text formatting (No subscript/superscript)

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13 Responses to Personal Edition – Free Quiz Software

  1. Karen G says:

    Thanks for the free edition of the program! This will be great for teachers to use on their computers to create multiple choice quizzes. I’m sure that many will upgrade to the Quiz Edition 2.0.

  2. qihuang says:

    as a teacher i do need something likethis. But the limited function is really something regretful.

  3. John Miaris says:

    I am teacher and I would like a free personal use quiz tool

  4. Anand says:

    Great software

  5. ahmad khalis says:

    i am teacher and I would like a free personal use quiz tool

  6. guest says:

    great interface, very professional, I will definitely check out the full version – if the price is right.

  7. rahul shah says:

    i would like to make the quiz for my students to improve their iq level

  8. santhosh kumar says:

    i’m pursuing my MBA programme for that i’ve to update the current affairs and to improve the general knowledge with regard to my MBA programme….it’ll be very helpful for my programme

  9. adon says:

    I am a developper.Want to use Quiz writer to build an educational game on the net.Which licence do i Need ?

    • GG says:

      I want to know which license would I need to create a series of tests that I want to market. ? if you do not do this does anyone out there know if there is a “shell” program like this that I can use for this purpose? Thanks!
      content developer

  10. I’m testing this application. I need to be able to print the test on paper

  11. I’m trying to test this program