Question Writer HTML5 in Beta

Good Morning. I’ve got some big news items for you today.

1. The new Question Writer uses HTML5. Here’s a sample HTML5 quiz.


2. The Question Writer HTML5 Beta is available

You can install it alongside Question Writer 4, but HTML5 quizzes won’t open in QW4, so make backups before testing your quizzes.

The major new features are –

a) The quizzes are HTML5! They’ll work on iPads and other mobile devices.
b) It’s faster. No need to preview anymore.
c) Quiz Apps. Publish quizzes for the App Store, Android Market and other mobile stores (via Phonegap).
d) Use any HTML in your quiz. (Tables, SVG, MathML etc)
e) Use Javascript (for any custom functionality)

Stay tuned. Lots more details coming up over the coming days and weeks.

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6 Responses to Question Writer HTML5 in Beta

  1. I use the QW 4.2 Pro Academic. In QW html 5 I did not find the “publish inside pdf” which is the one I use. What is going on?

  2. Alexander says:

    Hi Eleni,

    Question Writer 4 used the Flash technology, and it was possible to wrap the Flash up inside a PDF. Unfortunately, this is not the case with HTML5, so it was not possible to support that feature. I’d recommend sticking with QW4 if this feature is essential to you.

  3. i tried the evaluation version of Question Writer HTML5 for the purpose of testing before upgrading but when i published the quiz an upload it in my website a dark screen appeared
    Is this because i am using the evaluation version or there is other possible errors?
    Please i am waiting for your response along with the link for ordering the software

    • admin says:

      No, the evaluation version should work in the same way as the licensed product. I’d recommend downloading the latest beta and trying again to see if the problem has been cleared up. If not, send a link to the non-working quiz to and we’ll check it out for you.
      QW HTML5 is still in beta, so is not available to buy directly yet, but any purchases of QW4 that are made this month are eligible for free upgrades to QW HTML5 when it is available.

  4. Rica says:

    I just bought the license for QW 4 Pro Commercial License, but I have only been able to download the HTML5 version. Although the HTML5 version is the one we need to use, I am unable to add the license for it. Is there a separate license that needs to be bought for the HTML5? If so when will it be available?


    • admin says:

      QW HTML5 requires a license key, it is separate from a QW4 license. I been in contact with and think we’ve resolved the issue with your colleague, Jon.