Quiz App

Quiz apps are easy to make with Question Writer HTML5.

Here’s two I made earlier for you to try out on your iPad or Android tablet right now – search inside the App Store or Google Play for
1. 9/11 Memorial Quiz iOS | Android
2. The Flexuality Test (17+) iOS | Android

How do I make a quiz app?

It’s really easy, you just choose the ‘Export to Phone Gap’ option from the Publish menu. This creates a single zip file containing everything necessary.

Make a quiz app

It’s easy to make a quiz app!

Upload the zip file to Phonegap Build, and it will create the files you need for the different platforms, including the .ipa for iOS and the .apk for Android (and 4 other platforms too). You’ll need to create signing certificates when you are ready to deploy your apps – Phonegap has Android and iOS guides to help.

You can use all your own logos and splash screens for your quiz app – they’re located in the Metadata part of the quiz properties. This is where you can add the name, description, version and other details for your quiz app.

Using Question Writer HTML5 to create quiz apps is one of the fastest ways to create an engaging app and publish it. You don’t need any developer skills and you can use all the advanced functionality including multiple scores, reports, custom javascript, plugin questions, branching, feedback.

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3 Responses to Quiz App

  1. Yasser says:

    Thanks for this great example i need it , can you send me the link for downloading this plugin

  2. Yasser says:

    sorry i mean the plugin for hot sopt question plugin can you send me the link

    • Hazel says:

      Hallo Yasser

      You need to open the sample Italy quiz that is provided with the software. If you click on Open and then browse in your Program Files/Question Writer HTML5/Samples, you should see the Italy.qwz file. You will then be able to see the HotSpot question in detail