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Today I want to write a short note about getting quiz results back by e-mail. There are two ways you can receive results from Quiz Edition quizzes.
The first is by placing an e-mail button on the report page. This is an extra option for the user, but may be unsatisfactory for results gathering for a number of reasons. It piggybacks on the user’s e-mail program so the user may change the report. This option also relies on the user having a correctly configured e-mail client and choosing to press the button to actually send the report. These things should all be considered before using this method.
The results by e-mail service can prove more reliable. This option is used in the ‘What do you know about Italy?’ quiz in the samples section. Each time someone completes this quiz, their results are sent to me by e-mail. Here’s what a typical e-mail looks like.
You can enable this for your internet quizzes. It works on intranets too so long as internet access is available. It won’t work if you try it from the desktop, as the security manager will kick in and won’t let the flash quiz send the results over the internet.
This service works by sending the quiz results to our webserver, which then converts the results to email and sends them to you. This service is offered for free alongside the product and is a best-effort service (so don’t rely on it for anything critical). It’s guaranteed to be available for two years from your purchase of Quiz Edition, although it’s a low cost service to run I don’t forsee problems running it over a longer time.

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