You’ve Got Options

The next big feature in Question Writer 4 is Question Options.
You can add Options to the Partial Credit, Matching, Sequencing and Plugin question types. Options allow you to offer alternative types of content as answer options. For example, you could ask a user to sequence a list of images, or match images to names, or use animations or sounds as options for answers.
Right click on a question and choose the ‘Add->Option’ menu choice. Then you can add text, images, sounds, animations to the option. Here’s a short quiz on British Design Classics made using Options. Source
Question Writer still uses the text answers you have defined in the question but adds the options. For matching questions, each match follows the choice. The plugin questions can be programmed to use the options’ content in any way. For example the Horizontal Slider Plugin Question uses the first option as the slider background, and the second option as the slider button. More details on Plugin Questions soon!

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