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HTML code for linking another page Barrie Morgan (4)
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Active X issue on IE browser Sanjeev (3)
Multi email addresses for quiz result mails Soren (2)
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Question Sections Joseph (4)
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Preguntas al azar Krasna (2)
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Turn off answer randomization Jeremy T (2)
To get Cloze quiz Winston Msingizane Ngwenya (2)
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Crashes in question preview Jeremy T (8)
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Plug-In Question(s) Robert Fant (2)
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Web server Raj (2)
Math Quiz Report Rola (2)
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XDomainRequest object in IE8-11 and a custom results server Michael O. (2)
How to escape = in text import of partial credit questions Frank B. Jakosen (2)
Randomized quiz nathacc (5)
French translation nathacc (2)
"pass" to be minimal score and not percentage nathacc (2)
Negative scoring in customized questions nathacc (2)
Setting different points to different answers in multiple choice nathacc (2)
how to get section wise report?? John (2)
Publishing the quiz to my homepage Jan (2)
QWT randomized versions bladerunner71 (2)
Fill the blank - or something Soreen (2)
Reset license Soren (2)
Receiving twice Quiz results by email Gerard (2)
Difficulty Sending Responses. Gerard (2)
Searching people Ed (2)
Response recovery after power failure Barrie Morgan (9)
Determining Question in Excel Eric (2)
How to display inline checkbox/radio button list in multiple columns instead of one for one or two questions only Tarek (5)
conversion sunny (2)
html5 version trial sunny (6)
importar preguntas desde excel walter (2)
Summary Report - Appearance Barrie Morgan (3)
Centre questions on screen Barrie Morgan (3)
Tokens Anna (2)
touch screens Frank Carroll (6)
Format of the csv file for results Davide (2)
Facebook Option Not There Freeda (2)
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Need Recommendation of Desktop Quiz Software John (2)
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Feed back in Summary Report Soren (7)
css script to make published test mobile friendly Tarek (8)
Collator: 2nd mysql database? paulj (3)
Change reporting email adress Dag (2)
Windows 10 Joseph (3)
Change off public link address??? soren (3)
Quiz loaded to Tracker but do not mail back Soren (3)
Where to find used theme in HTML5 Soren (10)
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Plugin slider no longer works Tarek (4)
Font shows up strange in my quizzes Anna Heiða Pálsdóttir (2)
Matching Questions Visibility Toby (6)
How to display sequence questions horizontally instead of vertically? Tarek (5)
Feature Request Joseph (7)
Linking more than one "Match" to the same "Choice" Tarek (5)
Feature request: Report on number of quizzes completed paulj (2)
Matching questions cause quiz failure Ben Johnson (2)
MathJax / Latex, math element? rfantster (4)
Importing MR questions in a text format which has over 26 options Tarek (3)
How to display inline checkbox/radio button list in multiple columns instead of one Tarek (11)
Problem of publication on the Net Sam (3)
How did you integrate Question Writer to your Website? Riz (2)
product key Tom (2)
Section and question Sam (5)
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Matching Questions on a Mac Barrie Morgan (4)
Escaping iframe paulj (3)
QW 4.2 - Blank screen on preview Zack (11)
Probem with link after publishing to QW Tracker Nahim (7)
Taking a test without entering an ID Azmol (2)
Can more accounts access the same quiz library? Soren (4)
Bandwidth Used This Month Barrie Morgan (6)
Randomize versus Scramble Barrie Morgan (24)
Feature Request Joseph (2)
Add HTML5 to my new laptop Barrie Morgan (2)
Theme Raj (2)
By candidate+average paulj (5)
Matching Questions - Very slow responses Barrie Morgan (3)
how to edit ques after made like .exe dmd (2)
Updated Software Joseph (2)
Mass deletion of tokens Gerard (8)
Interface with QWT Gerard (7)
points for a question Hans Baer (3)
Oops - Error This Token Is No Longer Valid Illya (4)
change answer key Hans Baer (3)
question banking Hans Baer (4)
Token Expired Message but token not set Barrie Morgan (5)
question writer gurinder (2)
cant view entire question B Wils (2)
Option for spanish written accent Marcos (5)
Training Scotty (2)
Transfer to new computer Scotty (2)
Colour of option selection Paula Stevens (3)
Question Writer Quiz Not Loading on Apple iPads. Mike L (10)
Question Writer Logo/paid quizzes di (2)
Code to import Section from text SAM (2)
Insert Quiz Web in a dynamic template Sam (2)
TimeStamp vs. ClientTime Richard (3)
Flash player Diana W (4)
Collator5 and Column Data Adam (5)
Selecting number of questions Joe Pleier (3)
View on Webpage Aubrey (2)
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importing error Jen (2)
Results when using hosted version Diana W (3)
Summary Report - Poor Print Quality Barrie Morgan (2)
Math Graphs Maenodeh (2)
Exporting issue / File management error Kristian Pasini (4)
Math Processing Error maenodeh (3)
Vídeo HTML5 Bornatto (2)
appearance of section titles Gale (2)
Columns Paula Stevens (4)
Display Report of scores for separate randomized sections Taxpert (2)
Tracker - Results by quiz 2 paulj (2)
Tracker - Results by quiz paulj (3)
Direct branching from option only Paula Stevens (2)
Templates Paula Stevens (4)
"Key not valid in specified state" LL (2)
Move installation Ebbe Vej (2)
Export to web with video not working Anthony Rostron (6)
collator5 Custom Result Server Bayu Prasetyo (3)
collator5 custom result error Bayu Prasetyo (3)
Year in QWT Gerard (3)
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Downloadlink Version 3 Roger (3)
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Review of results Juan (2)
Answers Sandra (2)
Resultados Isabel López (2)
negative point for question with not resonse gian (3)
Question Breakdown by Response Barrie Morgan (5)
DLL Bornatto, Gilmar (6)
order of question image and question text gianse (2)
Rechnung Jenny (2)
How to turn off language localization Bruce (3)
Certificat Ebbe Vej (2)
Mark a Question to review Juan (2)
matching question problem suzanne (3)
collactor gian (4)
Preview has stopped working Paula Stevens (6)
Mobile Theme Sylvia (2)
Sequencing images Bikerman (3)
Kein Pay Pal ? margret (2)
Where is Collator log? Rick (12)
QW HTML5 Verbesserungen ? margret (5)
Matching question anne (2)
QW HTML5 Professional margret (2)
Collator setup Rick (2)
QW incompatible with IE11 Celine (3)
How can I define timing Philip (7)
several queries simon (3)
Copy quiz and rename without losing Properties Barrie Morgan (4)
Activating QW on a new computer Bruce (2)
Spacing Freeda (3)
Multible right answers Ebbe Vej (4)
No charge mp3 Oscar (2)
Identification Question Field Size paulj (5)
Feature request - no repeat entries Paula Stevens (2)
Deleting individual results Paula Stevens (3)
Multichoice Quiz settings Alex Kennedy (4)
freezing paulj (5)
Show a completed quiz with answers filled out? Jeff Jackson (5)
Server problems? Ian (4)
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Center Quiz in Browser Edward (2)
Resize Quiz inside DIV Edward (3)
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quiz not working on iphone paulj (15)
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HTML5 API QW Object Cassidy Dzama (4)
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HTML5 vs. QW4 Joe Pleier (4)
publishing bill (2)
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Labels Point Size Barrie Morgan (11)
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Multiple Choice drag and drop styling Matt (2)
QW 4.2 License Barrie Morgan (4)
Copy from laptop to new desktop Barrie Morgan (2)
Custom Results without Email Doug J (2)
QW HTML5 phone app bug james (6)
Calculate Score Sarah (5)
Set session in qwhtml5.php Rose (2)
Drag and Drop Ter (4)
QTI 1.2 export conformance qti_processor (6)
Safari matching quiz drag and drop problem Nick (6)
We didn't receive all quiz results Barb (5)
collator 5 james (5)
Windows 8.1 compatibility Jenny (4)
Add Content at bottom of question page ementee (2)
from free to paid DrSeuss (2)
question numbers Sharon (2)
How can I prevent the user from seeing the results Sharon (2)
I do not receive all test results Oscar (7)
Question Javascript content ementee (6)
Offline Use? Betsy (2)
How to prevent the same user from taking the test several times in a row Martin (2)
Redirection not working Martin (3)
Your only distributer Salwa Al Ameri (2)
Email Results Brenda (3)
import your own theme (background picture) Orjan (3)
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Issue a Badge After Quiz MichaelF (3)
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Properties not saving Matt (4)
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Summary Report - Answers Barrie Morgan (2)
Save a published QW exam for later submission Barrie Morgan (5)
Feedback for unattempted questions Nick (6)
Wrong question jump to answer Ter (6)
Percentages Christophe (2)
Printing quiz answers Ebbe Vej (2)
URL Needs Argument... QWUser (14)
Text font changes after publishing Katharina (4)
Use a Custom Results Server Barrie Morgan (2)
Case Study Question Brendie1 (2)
Truncation of multiple choice question options Barrie Morgan (6)
QW Passwords Barrie Morgan (2)
Unwanted indent in ul li with embedded math George (5)
Linking jpg images in fill-in-the-blank questions Nick (4)
Activation Brendie (4)
can i merge two .qwz files?? Romi Khan (2)
Publishing to Question Writer Tracker Brenda (2)
Non-breaking space Celine (3)
You can send the result in an e-mail to an adress that a student writes, but can you also send it in a text document? Orjan (2)
Changes to a quiz already posted Celine (2)
Change feedback images Eleni Palaiologou (7)
Javascript without Explanation-page? Johan (3)
Print Quiz Anwers Barrie Morgan (2)
Is it possible to randomize questions but keep essay question at the end? Orjan (3)
Publish for Question Writer Tracker bayu (2)
Matching question page layout Celine (9)
Calculated question type Eleni Palaiologou (2)
question number in different sections Markus (2)
Question answers Ter (9)
Change background colour of assessment container Nick (5)
I want to publish my quiz. But i can´t get a password?! Katrine (2)
In-line LaTeX in response options George (2)
Rendering rich LaTeX symbols in QW George (5)
Embed HTML5 - Wordpress Plugin Michael (3)
get the questions you got wrong again at the end of quiz Orjan (5)
Difficulty Sending Responses error Pete (14)
Answer Page Cosmetics Jack (2)
Wrong time on quiz report Celine (10)
Keeping quiz open for later mike (2)
Question Feedback Format Jack (8)
Publish for Printing/Latex Eleni Palaiologou (6)
Upgrade from QW 3.5 to QW 5 Nick (5)
mass delete of results quentin (2)
Quiz File Download William Beegle (2)
How to Deliver Tokens? QWUser (10)
Properties window. (Request) Eleni Palaiologou (4)
Branching-Skipping and Feedback Eleni Palaiologou (5)
Q4 on Windows 8 Judy (4)
Dragging in chrome not working Roberto (3)
Multiple Choice Correct Answers Marked wrong Mike Brue (2)
Identifiers HvT (3)
background image elio (5)
Maintaining Quality in different Browsers Will (2)
QTI conversion Anders (2)
Random Questions from multiple sections. Bill Bucknell (2)
Question Presentation Dammy (2)
Scorm error Ferdie broecks (2)
Flash animation content and browsers. Eleni Palaiologou (6)
Click to enlarge image. QW4 vs QW5 Eleni Palaiologou (4)
QW4 and HTML5 upgrade Joseph Pleier (2)
question numbering Meg (2)
Latex rendering in the question body Eleni Palaiologou (3)
Answers in results. Few words Eleni Palaiologou (7)
cmi.interaction support in SCORM output? Fred Lunau (4)
Certificates Paul (2)
QW To Apple App Jack (2)
QWT Ter (3)
Introduction page and centering of test N david K (3)
QW Phonegap Android Application wont fit handphone screen Tom (10)
Quiz Seperation Ter (5)
assessment login not working Kelly (2)
ActiveX flash problem Bill Bucknell (3)
question feedback text Janos (4)
Sequencing - Left column not displaying LW (3)
Not Receiving Some Quiz Results LW (2)
Can I close or deactivate a published quiz? mkamijo (2)
Buttons Ter (2)
Moodle XML Output wont work!!! Tosin (5)
Conversion D1Lu5IoN (8)
Long identifier text in two rows Ado (2)
Changing logo Mim (2)
QW4/matching question problem/adobe reader XI Eleni Palaiologou (4)
Deactivate a license in a broken pc to install it in another pc scassandra (3)
Options not working kelly (2)
drag and drop activities sean (3)
Vesion Alex Kennedy (2)
Pre-Sales Question about exporting results Peter C (2)
Hard copy of questions Will (2)
customize buttons Helen L (2)
Social sharing carl (4)
Incorrect Question Feedback ithout Answers William Beegle (2)
Import Matching with 27+ options m-korpi (4)
audio in good answer Jonathan (6)
Matching question doesn't work in IE Carl (2)
Problem with adding mp3 file scassandra (4)
"Undefined" quiz Roy (2)
Question numbering Roy (3)
SCORM 2004 SavvyEd (4)
Change publish location SavvyEd (2)
Resize Quiz inside DIV MichaelF (5)
Change default settings SavvyEd (4)
Capacidad de preguntas Armando (2)
Random Questions in HTML Will (3)
Matching Question Grid Dragging William Beegle (5)
Invalid argument error Ferdie (2)
PhoneGap App Stuck Loading William Beegle (10)
facebook app valion (2)
Default Identifier JS (3)
Remove zooming from quiz carl (5)
Change order of results carl (2)
HTML introduction carl (2)
Multiple choice questions carl (5)
Question Writer - Basic Gorjan (2)
Feedback Images SavvyEd (2)
Own parameters link to quizz JEAN-Charles (7)
Add metadata and score identifiers to Qs in a text file SavvyEd (3)
iPhone app ado (2)
Problem with Phonegap Markus (4)
Branching and final result Elio (4)
Moddle Import Craig (3)
Is there any step-by-step instruction on how get publish (not just EXPORT to it)? the Will (6)
Question with missing fields Markus (4)
Multiple attempts per question SavvyEd (2)
associating LOs to questions SavvyEd (2)
matching with true/false Virgy (3)
Imágenes como respuestas Armando (2)
How Others Access Quizzes LW (2)
Quiz Access to Building LW (5)
Grouping Data Eric (2)
Mobile Ter (2)
Intro page ado (2)
Identifier fields missing after Back button Ado (2)
Vertical spacing between identifier fields Ado (3)
Randomize questions doesn't work with User Response Recovery Alessandro (13)
Spacing between multiple Essay questions eTalent (2)
Questionwriter and SEO, please! Peter (2)
testing question writer online ane divine (6)
Why not possible to make a question with more than one answer to fill ercuem (2)
Question export PHONEGAP gilmar b (5)
publish QWHTML5 to exe Yasser (2)
Security - prevent students from accessing other websites Anna Heida (2)
Old to new Ferdie (2)
Random sequencing options Robert (3)
sending responses quentin (5)
branching Anna G. (2)
"Incorrect Parameter" error rudy (2)
checkbox Claus (3)
safety Claus (6)
report Claus (5)
Problems with Question Writer HTML5 rv (12)
qw on iPad and iPhone ahmed (2)
qw for multi user at the same time ahmed (2)
html Claus (2)
Groups Claus (4)
Template Claus (2)
Email Claus (7)
Time Limit did not work Barrie Morgan (13)
Export folder name scassandra (5)
Local Server Query Will (6)
ask about post riana (3)
Force Introduction NdavidK (2)
Lost spacing after fill-the-blank gap badgered (4)
Few Questions on QW5 Robert de Castro (6)
javascript plugins badgered (3)
Feedback Judith (2)
HTML 5 tags rudy (2)
HTML 5 Question Formatting Joseph (6)
Introduction image Rudy (2)
QW HTML5 Larry (2)
Full version activation steps Larry (7)
Windows 8 and IE 10? Rudy (4)
center quiz rudy (6)
pluggin - need help rudy (2)
trial vs full version rudy (2)
ID Field background color Jim (2)
dynamic quiz page generation Hamid (2)
Questions after evaluation Russ (6)
Suggestion Slartibartfast (3)
E-Mail Claus (2)
To develope Question Writer HTML5 plugin scassandra (4)
local server Claus (2)
Report export option Somertinde (3)
Importing Sections from txt John (2)
"undefined" when testing Quiz GP (6)
Spliting the display screen Islam (6)
Page Code in txt file Islam (2)
changing Account Login email Jackie (2)
Mouse over to zoom image Tom (6)
Printing questions Nate (2)
safari Janos (7)
Feedback Graham (7)
Version of Question Writer Tom (2)
Botones ricardo (2)
Charts in MySQL Ben (5)
Collator 5 Simon (4)
Proxy Claus (4)
HTML5 Steven Cooper (16)
Info abou Fill in the blank and drop-down menu. scassandra (5)
space character in fill-in-the-blank Nick (3)
Can't change Christoffer Saar (10)
licenses Claus (2)
Error al mostrar una pregunta Armando (3)
pdf flip book Janos (5)
Changing x/y coordinates of scrollbar Shane Coady-Barrett (6)
Spacing Question Fat Fingers (4)
Local Host URL Ben (52)
I want to set the staying time of each quize of all Hak-jun Jo (12)
Number of random quizzes to generate Carole (2)
Can Question Writer HTML5 Quiz with videos play on mobile devises? Anne G. (5)
End of Quiz Clare Millington (16)
Editing Eisten (2)
Import a Quiz from an older Version? Robert (2)
Collator 5 Russ (3)
Branching Will (2)
No results by email Henrik (4)
Fórmulas matemáticas Armando (3)
Question level feedback for fill-in-the-blank questions Nick (3)
Wampserver Ben (18)
Secure Results Mike (2)
swf loops quentin (5)
Collator 1.4 Will (4)
initial page when a quiz loads Ken Hewitt (2)
Taking a quiz twice from the same computer EE (2)
password protection Abe (4)
Lost quizzes mike (2)
Import Chris22 (4)
Tracker in Excel Sulabh (2)
Have tokens changed? Bjorg (2)
Essay question won't preview Sarah (2)
Excel reports Freeda Heatherly (2)
customizing reports Domenico (3)
User Response Recovery Gerard (6)
No access to Practice area Tony Inga (2)
Software Activation Diane (2)
Upload Error hts (2)
Embedded SWF Reporting Shane Coady-Barrett (4)
Special characters steve (3)
Problem with previewing Amanda (2)
Professional Amanda (2)
publication on QWTracker bragotto (5)
Question Coordinates Josef (2)
Standard Edition - $195 Sabrina (2)
evaluation (in groups) Claus (6)
How to write Fractions in QW Anna G (5)
No bold, italic or underline Stan (4)
speed fan in 3612QM CPU FAIL ISSUE victorhu (2)
Only for private use Stan (2)
User Identification - ensure correct entries David Couper (2)
Opening qwz file on another pc Tom Gregersen (2)
Changing x/y co-ordinates of Text (Title/Body) Shane Coady-Barrett (3)
Resuts sent to email Christine (4)
Scroll Box for Text Nick (2)
php/mysql Collater - any front-ends available? Mike Arsenault (2)
Screen Size Issues VJConforti (4)
Randomizing questions James (3)
Back button not displaying Christine (5)
Adding a link crashed29 (4)
Simple Branch to Web Pages at End MichaelF (5)
tracker problem robert kirkpatrick (2)
Logo and 30 day trial... Pay (2)
Feedback (showing correct answer) Eric (8)
Merge Between The Quizzes Anna (9)
Downgrading of licence Crossbow (4)
Arabic !! saja (3)
Quiz with fees !! Saja (2)
Problem with Printing Report Joe (3)
QW Tracker Accounts Barrie Morgan (3)
User defined score Joe (2)
Links at bottom of email Alan B (4)
level feedback Sandy (2)
linking pages Sandy (3)
Diagrams Sandy (3)
redirecting Sandy (3)
inline image in Answer individual option feedback Nick (2)
Script blocking Adobe Flash Albert (6)
Ranked Survey Bill Bucknell (4)
Report Format Bruce (2)
Pre-Randomized quizzes Les (Again) (2)
Seeing full questions Les (2)
Audio only Version of Feature MichaelF (2)
creating apps with qw franky (2)
Time Stamp in Question Writer Tracker Freeda Heatherly (2)
Seeing Essay question point values Les Bohlen (4)
Same link for two quizzes Doug (3)
Incorrect percentage in summary report Nick (9)
help carmine (2)
Mail address Nick Bogemans (2)
Collator doesn't works jopeji (2)
HTML codes Permitted? MichaelF (2)
Colour of fill-in-the-blank answer text Nick (6)
Unhandled exception Ferg (2)
Save on the computer answers of the quizz jan (13)
Tracker link is the same even if I rename my question writer Bénédicte (3)
LaTex Equations as HTML MichaelF (3)
Image in Multi Choice options MichaelF (4)
System.OutOfMemoryException Questionmaker (7)
Problem installing Paulo (7)
QW 4 on mobile devices John (4)
Arabic support Abu-Mohammad (8)
Results CSV File John (2)
Changing question type Les (2)
Password and Test Security Barrie Morgan (6)
Publish in Activescript 3 Saurabh (7)
V4 vs. V3 Elizabeth (2)
percent in Custom Feedback Eleni Palaiologou (6)
Swiffy Joseph Pleier (2)
Publish to QW Tracker Barrie Morgan (3)
create or modify theme Rgranados (6)
Token Creation Johntrainer (2)
Delete Tracker Accounts Barrie Morgan (6)
Hyperlink to Quiz Jess (2)
several MP3s in one question Janos (3)
QW 4.1 (Professional) Web Settings RSC (2)
how many pc the standard version of license can be used on William Gräume (3)
QW4 interface Robert Ferguson (4)
QW4 interface Robert Ferguson (5)
Intranet Link Will Not Work Drew Granatowicz (3)
Link to website Achiel (7)
Expiring tokens Julie (3)
Change from trial version to professional jacques (2)
I can't enter any Korean character for the reply of Essay quesstion. Hak-jun (3)
Collator Troy Bowling (2)
Including feedback on report Marion (2)
Question Writer not support Arabic Language Abu-Mohammad (3)
Multiple questions on new quiz Barrie Morgan (11)
Add a flag for questions that I want to skip and come back later Simos (2)
Add youtube video to question Barrie Morgan (6)
student printout Bona (5)
Publish for the Web Results Ivana (2)
Evaluate with reserved space Harold Kinds (3)
Repeat wrong questions. Dragon (2)
Save QW file on CD Barrie Morgan (5)
Carry session in to results.php Avinash (2)
Facebook User ID Jutta (2)
Quiz wont load on page from url provided Helen (2)
Can you pls help me? Mekuy (3)
"Force attempt" (but only for some) Jason (2)
Error during install liz (4)
having 2 of the same survey results going to different DBs? jon lemaster (4)
Macbook Chris (2)
name or userID from phpbb3 lalu (4)
changes to code gerry (3)
Space between questions Alberto (2)
Add Page - 5 questions Barrie Morgan (3)
Preview and Public doesnt work Dragon (4)
update version djafaka (4)
addind Adsense Buddhika (4)
Ability to save test progress? Ability to redo a test? ninak (4)
Showing feedback comment only Amy Walker (4)
Download Greg Smith (2)
Software Program Key Margie (2)
Mp3 Keeps playing MichaelF (6)
Right to left languages sam (3)
domande vincolanti Anna (3)
Does collator work with localhost Avinash (3)
using PNG images in QW MichaelF (4)
Receiving Resutls Joe S (3)
Can not remove token from test Barrie Morgan (3)
New postings in the Forum Barrie Morgan (2)
Remove Questionwriter start logo Seb (2)
Flash problem dave kendall (6)
save as new file Quentin (3)
Chinese words Amuro (6)
get rid of feedback at the end after results victor (2)
Sequencing questions copjobsfl (2)
version and update history Manolis Arhiropoulos (2)
Greek Messages/Edit file Eleni Palaiologou (5)
PHP login and session Avinash (3)
Time Stamp Joe S (8)
access to test only from referral site Jacquie (6)
Default Point Value Julie (3)
Test Sign In Page Norman (2)
Line Spacing Carlos (3)
page printout Bona (9)
Amending Email Address Margot Kinberg (2)
License Amuro (2)
Username and password avinash (5)
token and essay Marta (2)
password rejected Gudrun (2)
Sending Error Message Joe S (8)
Audio Caroline (5)
use full "Question Title" in Questions Report Kevin (5)
Partial Scoring for Sequence Question Bob Payne (3)
Missing Quiz Results david91 (7)
Random Questions Henk (2)
loggin in Renetta (8)
Introduction Bapak (2)
Essay and e mail report Henk (3)
Equation Editor Dereck (3)
publish to print doesn't work with some questions Laura (2)
Redirect by to question Joe S (4)
Answer with Smartphone Android Carlos (2)
Report in my own language Henk van Tongeren (5)
Correct answers Joe S (2)
Essay Question Feedback Joe S (2)
cumulative testing joeh (2)
Multi-user license Laura Di Bianca (2)
Date Format Joe S (2)
Flatten sections and sub-sections Kevin (6)
Require user information Joe S (10)
Enforce Finish Time Barrie Morgan (5)
Recovery In Event Of Power Failure Barrie Morgan (5)
Question Writer 4 pro trial Joe (14)
Time Limit The Quiz Barrie Morgan (2)
Block Screen Prints Barrie Morgan (2)
Quiz will not open from webpage link Barrie Morgan (7)
Collator Troy Bowling (2)
section titles robert kirkpatrick (2)
Narration and background music robert kirkpatrick (3)
Test Results asimo (5)
Tracker Account Login Barrie Morgan (2)
Publishing a randomized quizz on a CD Laura Di Bianca (7)
Comment imprimer en version papier un questionnaire sous question writer 4.2 version d'essai? Thibault (2)
Windows 7 Barrie Morgan (14)
Quiz Tracker T-Roy (7)
exeeding the number of random tests Joe Pleier (3)
pulishing to question writer Peg (2)
making a course (don't want questions) robert kirkpatrick (4)
Seccond attempts. Bill Bucknell (2)
Blackberry Teresa (2)
Pictures Scotty (3)
results Scotty (3)
Conditional Redirect at End of Quiz Jonathan (5)
youtube embed? robert (6)
Professional License Barrie Morgan (9)
Plugin Questions Tony Keetley (2)
tokens and how to have students pay for taking test Jamie (2)
number of questions in Quiz Joe Pleier (3)
Reversed questions on email Mandi (3)
URL Message Bona (7)
Suggestion for QW Tracker Gerard (2)
Audio Russ (5)
Standard to Basic Joe Pleier (3)
Domain Protection Question Nick (3)
reports Linda H (3)
End of quiz feedback Daniel (4)
Percentage score in custom feedback Andri (2)
options jasmine (2)
Next and Back buttons text size Karine (2)
Identifier fields missing SUE (2)
Back button missing in action Mandi (3)
Drag and Drop Questions between Quizzes Robert Kirkpatrick (4)
Modify quizes from QW Tracker Harry (7)
Feature Request for printing mellestad (7)
Document Numbers Mellestad (7)
Posting to Web? Harry (2)
Emailed Test Results Cathy Warschaw (4)
Writing a review-your opinion needed Robert (6)
Quiz Feedback Fry (2)
is it the same? Jess (3)
learn by heart Sandya (2)
Try Again Mode michelle (3)
Checking submitted email validity. Bill B (10)
Is it all free? Navya (4)
Publish for Printing Barrie Morgan (5)
Touch Screen compatable Potential User (3)
To Judith (2)
Problems to send result to tracker Benjamin (4)
Possible improvements? Rudy (4)
Jerky images Rudy (2)
Navigation during editing or creation Rudy (3)
Appearance problem Rudy (4)
Creating A Quiz KimAlyse (2)
WordPress Gina (5)
Suggestions for future upgrades Julie Buckingham (8)
QuestionWriter Programmer Needed Zhen (1)
Back Button with Feedback Gerard (7)
Students printing Anna (2)
Sharing quizzes Klavs Frisdahl (8)
View Quiz Results By Candidate Barrie Morgan (6)
Send Results Via Website To E-mail Gerard (4)
How to change user identification Vincent (2)
I'm unable to insert a picture in the quiz's main page literacy (2)
Word Count - Essay Questions Barrie Morgan (3)
Quizresults JB (2)
QW install Henk (2)
Reversed Question Numbers Barrie Morgan (9)
personality test RUTH (2)
Tracker Summary Report Barrie Morgan (3)
Publish For Printing Barrie Morgan (3)
Branching Score Problems Misty (11)
QWT Accounts Barrie Morgan (3)
package of quizzes -Collator Adam Hester (7)
Tokens included in results Adam Hester (2)
time limit Marian (3)
Collator Anderson (12)
Published quiz labeled "Trial" Jim (2)
QW4 professional trail won´t start Jens Ohman (2)
Quiz ID Joe (2)
password forgotten Manlio Leonardi (2)
Matching question scores Teresa (4)
Question Feedback Julie Buckingham (10)
uploading SWF files to QWT Joe (4)
IP Addresses Barrie Morgan (2)
Password Troy Bowling (2)
Loading Image Charlie's Dad (2)
Pages and randomizing questions Anna Heida (2)
Difficutly Sending Responses TDFS (2)
Plug-ins Tolly (2)
Printing copy of quiz Teresa (2)
Operator symbols Barrie Morgan (3)
Survey Troy (2)
Randomizing Multiple ChoiceAnswers Vince (2)
Error Code Joe (2)
Adding an additional identifier lines when priting off your results Jason (3)
Font size during typing. Bona (18)
Teacher evaluation Tania (2)
Custom backgrounds not showing when published. Bill (5)
Emailed Results Freedah (2)
Password Troy (5)
Software version vs License file Adam Hester (7)
QuestionWriter 4: Only Multiple Choice Available MLasVegas (4)
Import questions Reticulating Spines Problem vince (3)
License download Harout (2)
how to send quiz score to LMS plataform Rodri (7)
Upgrade Question Mark (2)
Import questions from Excel Sheet Vince (5)
Use it as a survey Woody (2)
Suggestions Julie (4)
database Jon LeMaster (7)
Score/Results linked to URL charlesm (2)
How do I turn off the button sound effects gkirkpatrick (4)
Send results over the internet Anna (2)
Hot Spot Norbert.Borg (3)
problem with remaining time Seb (2)
email promo & language Harry (2)
Not showing correct/incorrect instantly Jon LeMaster (2)
single section use Harry (2)
Email Results Greg Luttrell (7)
Collator BB (2)
go to end of quiz if user fails one question bb (2)
Collator Gene (1)
Database Lynda (2)
Fill-In-The-Blank questions Barrie Morgan (8)
Hints on questions Mouts (7)
Suggestion Julie Buckingham (2)
end of quiz michel (4)
Issue downloading joeal (2)
Any way to add question types to the menu bar? Frank (4)
Publishing to Question Writer Tracker Grace (13)
Publishing to Question Writer Tracker Carl Uttley (9)
E-mail notifications Julie (2)
Lost record Björg (3)
Got Licence - how to update from Trial now Polly (4)
quiz start Olga (3)
Collater and CodeIgniter Gerard (2)
Pausing during quizzes Teresa (4)
Language Øivind (3)
tracking completed quizzes Christy (2)
How to add a background image in summary report Rodri (2)
Response Limit Jennifer (2)
Adjusting scores Julie (2)
Tokens Julie (2)
User identification Teresa (7)
Installation Incomplete on Win2k Ben S. (7)
Answers are cut off Teresa (6)
Publish to the Web William Caya (2)
Multiple choise question setup John Nieland (2)
QW4 - Problem downloading professional license Julie (4)
Nothing but error messages after trial download Cassandra (3)
Adding questions Bill (5)
Visible Timer Julie (7)
Results Julie (6)
body font text Shannon (2)
Server problems-QWT blocking a submitted exam Barrie Morgan (5)
iv345 Michelle (2)
Just a blank page Martin (13)
Introduction identifiers Steve Jones (7)
php Developer Needed Gene (2)
Show question Feedback. Eleni Palaiologou (5)
Essay questions on CV DavidB (3)
content robertk (5)
default for points robertk (4)
Adding more than one media files to questions Pranaam (3)
demo quizzes Axell (2)
spellchecker David N .B (2)
Collator Troy Bowling (3)
possible to increase scroll bar width? Nick (3)
results tracking Karine (9)
zoom of image robertk (9)
Professional License Upgrade Troy Bowling (7)
Passing parameters to flash Karine (4)
License Sul (5)
uploading problem to tracker robertk (3)
new QW4 image features Joe (4)
Can time taken to complete test be displayed on report screen? Nick (2)
Finished Quiz Screen Maria (7)
Do Question Writer swf files run on Mac and Unix/Linux Nick (2)
Inline pictures in answers Nick (3)
Email Results Ron (2)
Time Display David Couper (3)
Display Section Titiles Davaid Couper (2)
Question Numbering Barrie Morgan (14)
Import file kulikuli (2)
Matching Question Marks Barrie Morgan (4)
Reorder quiz questions jolene (2)
Fill-In-The-Blank questions Barrie Morgan (3)
Ability to control image zooming per question Adam hester (2)
Eliminate “Next” and “Back” Buttons Lisbon Quizzer (2)
superscript Julia (2)
Problem with After Quiz setting LindaH (5)
Themes and buttons BOgrady (5)
One Time Tokens Barrie Morgan (3)
competitions and publishing results Karine (2)
Question Writer 4 Beta Alexander McCabe (4)
Feature Request Lisbon Quizzer (2)
Personalized cursor Lisbon Quizzer (3)
Sound for good answer Jonathan (2)
Single generic static Password security adam hester (3)
Title and Question Format Barrie Morgan (3)
registering problems Ilene (4)
resize 800x600 patatra67 (4)
QW and China firewall Barrie Morgan (4)
Changing the language in the result email Linda Brenner (3)
Disabling the 'Finished' screen at the end Linda Brenner (3)
Any way to score correct non-responses? Linda (2)
Results not being shown or saved in VLE (Fronter) A Stamp (2)
SWF Movie that does not Loop or Autostart MichaelF (4)
Move license to a different computer JackieM (2)
Collator 1.3 and custom results server Adam_Hester (2)
Control of ID username field Adam_Hester (2)
Tracker account security Adam_Hester (2)
Tracker Account settings. Adam_Hester (4)
ranges instead of pass/fail Eric (4)
One More Feature Request Lisbon Quizzer (2)
Does Collator work without email? DougJ (14)
QW Tracker Accounts Barrie Morgan (2)
URL links to webpage Barrie Morgan (3)
Scenario multiple questions Linda (5)
designing partial credit points Linda (2)
New feature? Jump to differents webpage when passed or failed Roger Schumann (3)
Feature request C Burke (4)
Truncation of M/C question options Barrie Morgan (2)
distributing quiz as a swf file Nick (5)
overriding theme with new background image Nick (3)
Display problem in IE 8 Michael Lerner (4)
Essay Options Jaime (4)
Pass Score - Percentage Barrie Morgan (5)
New Feature for request list Nick (3)
HTML Code for a pop-up window Barrie Morgan (6)
send results to local pc mt2a (2)
Tracker Questions Marc R (4)
Question Writer Tracker Question Breakdown by Response Gerard (3)
Tracker - Summary Reports Barrie Morgan (7)
Feedback-text in "properties" Bjorn H. (2)
After purchase Jim (2)
OnLoad Failure When Submitting Results Dan (3)
Windows reading of screen text Ole (2)
Randomized Quizzes Barrie Morgan (7)
TO SOFTWARE AUTHOR-Video and audio Dan Daniels (3)
Results Dan Daniels (2)
Download Troy Bowling (6)
Likert scales chuck (7)
Integrating Qwestion Writer with my Website Albert (8)
Publishing Quiz woodyjames (11)
update (change) history Nick (2)
Report email demolfaz (2)
Available time Anna (2)
New feature Quiz parameters? Gerard (2)
Backup Server Barrie Morgan (2)
Multiple response bala (5)
Answer depending on answer to previous question StatsProf (3)
timerecord Lars (2)
Textcolor Lars (4)
Submitting results Yvonne (11)
Firewall in China Barrie Morgan (4)
User Identification at the end Bruno (2)
exam takers barbf (2)
inviting folks to take a quiz barbf (2)
question writer image fredr (2)
Relative links to files Cezar Capacle (10)
Wrong Number of questions when Published Cezar Capacle (3)
Collator T-Roy (4)
Spanish punctuation marks Brenda (2)
Hiding the Title Michel (2)
Publishing problems kira (4)
fields included in saved data Shannon (4)
Error with install Jeff (4)
Themes t-roy (2)
questions on summary report Shannon (2)
taking out next button at end Shannon (3)
After Quiz on CD-ROM Cezar Capacle (7)
Breakfast Quiz Chuck Shelander (2)
Changing Summary Text Shannon (2)
Spell Check Claire Parkinson (3)
No Option to Publish to Question Writer Tracker Claire Parkinson (2)
SCORM 2004? MichaelF (2)
Editing answer text/feedback text Chris (6)
Collator Chris (3)
Using HTML codes belld01s (5)
User name & Password Cesar (7)
Print version of exam Bob (4)
Points for correct answer bostjan (6)
Mail from questionwriter on custom server Softic Vildan (2)
Multiple Email Addresses Jaime (2)
Essay Scoring Jennifer (5)
backup server Joe (2)
Quiz results submitting from HTTPS server to an HTTP instance of Collator seem to be failing... Mike Arsenault (4)
Problems Opening Quiz Files Karen (13)
Possible issue with Collator RE: user fields not getting populated in XML... Mike Arsenault (8)
Certification Examinations Russell (4)
Publishing problem Johan, Sweden (2)
Cancellation during publishing DrochIN (5)
Limiting 'size'of essay John M (2)
invitations to students David Santamaria (2)
Custom Publishing Format? MichaelF (3)
Report labels Tony (2)
turn sound off in Information Technology Theme Nick (6)
therefore symbol Nick (2)
turn off allowable answers Nick (2)
Space between question lines Gerard van Nes (3)
Possible Formatting Option MichaelF (4)
increase font size on Summary Report Screen Nick (2)
complicated mathematics symbols Nick (9)
force a new line within Option Text for a question Nick (5)
Change Default Theme? MichaelF (7)
increase font size for next & back buttons Nick (3)
Ending a quiz early Nick (2)
Randomized Quizzes Nick (2)
Link in textfield Suzanne (18)
secure lab testing joe (4)
after-the-fact feedback joe (6)
Number of attempts Michael (11)
Question Writer Tracker Maintenance Alexander McCabe (1)
Print test result Gerard van Nes (4)
Random Questions D Bell (4)
IP for QT exam from DSL router Joe (3)
Oops - Error Gerard van Nes (4)
Points with imported questions Gerard van Nes (4)
the Back button Keith Morris (2)
Creating a report Keith Morris (4)
email reports Keith Morris (4)
Import from txt without section kathrin (4)
Saving mid quiz Mia (4)
import answer key David Chang (3)
QT-Customised Results Gargi (2)
Matching/Fixed Answer Choices/Import Features Chris Perez (2)
View Results Mike (2)
Move from trial to license - bug? Writer (7)
Email server settings - what is the IP address / domain used to send quiz results via e-mail? Mike Arsenault (2)
Order of the answer options Björg (5)
Results for CD Becky (2)
Can the test taker change the results in the email results option when the email results is sent? Daniel (3)
running exams from QWT Joe (4)
branch after quiz end based on pass or fail Simon (5)
QW Movie Doesn't 'End' MichaelF (9)
Publishing to QW Tracker John Morray (4)
Unhandled exception Biggles (6)
Publishing quiz Big Jim (2)
Tracker Passwords Barrie Morgan (8)
hyperlinks Danielk (5)
Entering name Gypsyroadhog (6)
Publish to an existing site on the web Karen (2)
3.5 Beta - Introduction adam (2)
Back Button Bryan (12)
Publishing Problem John Phillips (4)
publish to tracker - Overwrite confirm Adam (2)
Use Custom results Server Darren (8)
Calculating results for an assessment Ashley (6)
Question Character display length adam (4)
Question count per quiz adam (2)
"None of the above" fixed order plus random adam (3)
embeded qwz into MS Excel as object adam (2)
Variable time to save a qwz file? adam (2)
Filter QWT results by time period adam (4)
QW-Tracker results total adam (4)
Save results to a database table using ASP Nicky (3)
"Sending Response" and "Finished Quiz" labels Barrie Morgan (4)
Matching Questions Barrie Morgan (4)
Feedback from quiz Allan (2)
Can't publish Bob (12)
QW Tracker Tokens Barrie Morgan (6)
print full results report adam (2)
QWT- Candidate list results - adam (8)
publish to tracker- overwrite, errors adam (4)
change account name/email adam (8)
Adminstrative rights and read only to QWTracker adam (2)
Quiz interupt during new upload adam (3)
Edit Quiz online @ QWtracker adam (3)
Export Quiz List adam (2)
Update all properties -Template- (drag and drop multiple questions) adam (2)
audio notification when uploading to tracker adam (2)
suddenly deleted text adam (3)
QW 3.5 Alpha Barrie Morgan (4)
Academic Pricing Barrie Morgan (5)
Quiz - "Save and Continue" Barrie Morgan (13)
Some quiz results of the same quiz don´t arrive!!! Roger (7)
Translations Barrie Morgan (2)
Can I randomise the questions in QW 3.4 basic? CJ (2)
Insert image on multiple choice option? jeff (2)
Copy and apply Quiz Properties adam (8)
Multiple select copy adam (2)
Tracker tokens Joe (4)
automatic email adam (2)
QW3 manual - Search within book adam (3)
publish to tracker - Scorm Discription adam (4)
publish to tracker -Version adam (7)
published to tracker - Public option? adam (4)
mouse scroll adam (8)
How many quizes are displayed Jim (7)
colour pass and fail adam (2)
end of quiz options adam (8)
printed results page adam (2)
password and tracking LisaF (4)
Problems with license Rene (2)
Partial Credit Questions Danielk (3)
publish to tracker-not working adam (9)
forum search adam (3)
forum tracker adam (2)
q-tracker quiz link/url adam (2)
Q-Tracker file storage limit adam (2)
Image on intro page Russ (2)
Section Reporting in Final Results James (3)
Theme creator kkmann (2)
privacy and disclosure adam (11)
Spell checker adam (3)
Changing Email results "From:" cwn (7)
uploading images from network drive extrememly slow adam (4)
Trial version only previews? Michael (2)
Shrimping the window in some browsers. jon (8)
Trail version Jurgen (2)
Copy properties -not questions and images adam (3)
remove un-used images adam (2)
QW3.3 Printable HTML text Formatting adam (2)
update clyde (9)
send results via email from website jeff (4)
Quiz intro mnoue (4)
HTML line break adam (6)
automatic next question Mr Write (4)
quiz results bug mnoue (3)
Large file size Mr Write (2)
Quiz not running on other computers Janet (12)
Problems with flash output Mr Write on his laptop (3)
Product improvement Leo Madorsky (5)
Academic Licence Mr Write (2)
font size Mr Write (5)
html coding jeff (2)
embed image blur jeff (7)
Won't save changes JK31 (2)
Embedded Hyperlinks Mark (7)
randomization Adam (8)
Question internal number adam (4)
Missing responses Yarouni (4)
Printable proof adam (10)
Embed video systemaddict (8)
Answer right away Gonzalo (2)
Re: QW Basic Randy (6)
table in question simon (2)
Provide Individual Option Feedback adam (6)
QW4 & Request List length adam (3)
Introduction User ID question adam (8)
floating license, dongle? adam (2)
Multi user license adam (4)
internet is off line adam (3)
empty answer adam (2)
Tracker/Results bug related to matching questions Josef Widtmann (5)
Restricting Access to Quizzes Hazel Skeet (1)
Request Email as mandatory question sabsi83 (4)
Printout on a backgroundphoto? Jon (2)
He cannot open the quiz jon (2)
Free version : how to start Dissonances (6)
Importing Phil Croucher (6)
unable to download the results Akiba (4)
Font Henk (3)
summary report mnoue (7)
Password on Pro Edition Andrew (6)
Question Writer Tracker Update Alexander McCabe (1)
Saving the license mnoue (4)
logo + theme mnoue (5)
how to upload quiz to question writer mnoue (6)
Lost Files Mark (2)
Change email Per (2)
Can I do Likert scale? Alan (2)
Server Upgrade - New Features Alexander McCabe (1)
Single Author adam (2)
adding section chua (2)
Question Writer Tracker Outage Alexander McCabe (4)
Remove "back" option entirely? Dave (3)
Question type icon Barrie Morgan (2)
Copy and Paste questions Barrie Morgan (2)
Points for correct answer Barrie Morgan (2)
Using a file written in Action Script 2.0 Zul (4)
Upload Quizzes to Scholastic Website JO (5)
Answering in full sentences. Fen (2)
Assessment revmyoung (4)
Save and Resume Ralph (2)
Import Error Lisbon Quizzer (4)
#1. (true/false question) #2. (score report) Lisbon Quizzer (3)
If Statement Schumi (6)
Mandatory question Schumi (2)
Flash 8 Schumi (2)
New version? Steve Dennis (2)
what does this do? jovial v (2)
scroll bar and page disapear Sean (7)
Emailing Results Danielk (10)
error message at quiz results Danny Pettry (2)
Email Report Sandra (6)
Quiz MacKenzie (2)
Another feature suggestion Lisbon Quizzer (2)
equations in QW Andreas Oikonomou (10)
Matching Questions with images suggestion Lisbon Quizzer (3)
Import - New Settings required Rolf Münster (2)
Diacritical marks Lisbon Quizzer (2)
Change background image Milky82 (6)
results on the server Ken Davison (2)
Integration of own flash buttons Rolf Münster (2)
Matching username with record Russ (7)
points for right "decisions" willi32 (7)
Collator 1.1 issues Russ (9)
Advanced HTML formatting Gary (5)
My Logo Denise (2)
Some queries Pritti (4)
Questions about QW Russ (6)
Your Question Writertracker Troy Bolwing (2)
Deploying a result-mail server in an intranet Leo Samson (2)
new server Joe Donovan (2)
Question Writer on SharePoint Danielk (4)
Pay for a theme Per (6)
Scheduled Maintenance Alexander McCabe (4)
Blurry font Per (2)
Edit extra things Per (5)
Receiving e-mail results (recurring problem) Andy (2)
Italics in questions Anna Heida (2)
SWF to EXE conversion Andrew Vergelius (3)
Quiz server question Richard (3)
New bug JB (2)
google sites russ (7)
Receiving duplicate email results Jennifer (4)
Can Your Upgraded Software Do This? Tom B. (4)
percentage score Ross (2)
Sending results over the Internet Danielk (6)
Purchase of license Noel (4)
scores didn't show after test Danny (4)
Special Characters DanielK (4)
Bug JB (2)
Partial email results Jennifer (2)
Emailing results mike ratcliff (2)
Moodle Import Glitches MichaelF (2)
Displaying results of all quiz takers TCM (2)
Date and Time Availability Option Barrie Morgan (7)
Back Button QWack (4)
Files in different folders Qwack (2)
Link to the quiz not opening inge88 (2)
E-Mail Thomas (2)
Security of Quiz Mudassir (5)
Accessibility conraderich (4)
Clear/Retake Bob (2)
Adding a second line to the id screen Hector Torrens (2)
"Fill in the blank" box too small Anna Palsdottir (4)
Image Zoom MichaelF (3)
Email Results Danielk (11)
Running at an exhibition PhilB (4)
Skip Questions Workaround John M. Bryant (3)
publishing quiz to a blog snugabell (5)
Pass or Fail Hazel Skeet (1)
After Quiz John M. Bryant (7)
Short Answer Question ocean (3)
PreSales Question jfk444 (3)
Text Import Rich (5)
Richer Import/Export Options MichaelF (4)
Experience with large class testing under Ecampus (Blackboard) Joe D (3)
Date on Summary Report Freeda Heatherly (6)
Anyone recommend QuestionWriter? Troy Stein (5)
adding html in text kya (3)
Download problems Fen (4)
Time Limit Mark (4)
accessing test from a Mac Sean Laughlin (9)
Features? Mac (3)
Branching Jonnie (4)
please solve my queries deepa (2)
mathematical symbols Puneet (4)
Publish quiz not working Danny (3)
option to allow skip or no skip SamSalus (3)
No feedback? Andreas (4)
B5 Personality tests arne (5)
color switch on radio button Joe (6)
Publishing Shannon (2)
Service Restored Alexander McCabe (1)
Service Update Alexander McCabe (1)
Cannot send results Darren (2)
test results Danny (11)
E-mail Service Status Update Alexander McCabe (5)
Images Thierry (2)
Getting results Jim G (4)
password for test? Danny Pettry (5)
How to upload quiz to web Danny (11)
Results Issue Mark (8)
Email results jennifer (4)
Reports Adrian (2)
Inserting images in the question Leo (2)
Forward after quiz Nina (6)
Randomize question options Danielk (3)
unexpected error tbaykal (3)
Result in a single email Jyoti (4)
Publish Jyoti (7)
Quiz is getting stuck while sending results SamSalus (5)
Saving Properties patje (2)
Import answers switched around Jim Reagor (4)
does'nt work under IE's Patrice (4)
Getting results by e-mail Pam (9)
server-side software with the Question Writer ziggy (3)
Wrong Answers Ben (2)
citation question orange (2)
changing text font bellsu (4)
reg tool bar Jyoti (2)
Can QuizWriter read questions from a database? Prem (2)
how to use question writer Jyoti (2)
Import Error Jim (5)
An error occured while parsing EntityName. Line 1, position 107 Angelo (4)
Question sorting russ2375 (2)
Sequencing Questiosn Danielk (10)
Not getting email results aebaus (2)
All is lost if you x out BobZ (2)
Chemistry George (2)
Return to home page Russ2375 (3)
Question Level Feedback - Personal Edition Teddy (8)
Feedback options Scott (4)
Feedback Scott (6)
Quiz Writer Fonts AdamSchroeder (3)
Stop points Mohamed Otify (2)
Dynamic Question Sai (3)
setting points michael (3)
public rank list michael (2)
Results Server and Email Server Keith (6)
Advancing to next question by Enter Josef (2)
download in excel format Hisayo (6)
email results John Cook (2)
Partial credit and other things Edith (4)
Saving Scores in a Database Brian (4)
QTI export Amir (6)
sections joe (2)
sequencing grading Joe (5)
Question numbering starting at 0 instead of 1 Josef (2)
No printing Josef (6)
Onload Failure Daniek (2)
Printing Síle (2)
loading to website meg (2)
Flash Image danielk (2)
PSP compatibility Ken Millson (2)
Few Questions blueberries (2)
Thank You For The Online Access To Quizzes! Mark (2)
Multiple Questions Per Page? Mark (6)
Sequencing problem Johan (5)
Autostart in SWF files Johan (3)
Number of q:s Johan (9)
Stopping cheater? Johan (8)
Upgrade pricing? Douglas (2)
? to view our quiz on web Aradhana john (2)
Problem in marking match the column type questions Aradhana john (3)
problem sending after quiz John G (4)
Multilanguage thekingygn (8)
New sections option - randomized questions Anna Pálsdóttir (3)
Correct Incorrect notifications Maureen (2)
difference between Questionwriter personal edition and the quiz edition Maureen (2)
compilation problem and solution Tom (4)
problem in openning the program once closed and shut dn the system Aradhana (2)
problem in adding Ques after saving a quiz Aradhana (2)
Quizzes on a Macbook Miles (2)
Matching luke (3)
import text format media (12)
Dragging between quizzes - problem Anna Pálsdóttir (6)
hotspots and server reporting Rudy Diaz (4)
New licence Anton (2)
Selecting several questions at the time Anna Pálsdóttir (3)
Students able to change answers after Result Tony4x4 (6)
code problem mahfouz (3)
Pictures Matt (5)
Viewing question numbers Anna Pálsdóttir (5)
Spell checker Sharon (2)
Test results Anton (2)
Math Symbols Kari (3)
a problem occured during the compilation process Don (5)
chemical symbols Sokin (2)
By "random", I want the software to automatically give a different quiz to each person Dorothy (4)
"Random" doesn't work in the trial version Dorothy (4)
Suggestion RS (2)
Publish at MS Word 2007 Alexandre (2)
Server & Report Problem Mark (3)
Quiz vs Publisher edition: any differences in how scores can be reported? Miles (4)
Space between answers Yvette (2)
final questions yvette (2)
Images Yvette (4)
5 languages Yvette (2)
Missing answers sharon (4)
No-show Mandi (2)
Summary Report via e-mail Blake (2)
qti Loredana (3)
Subscripts, superscripts Peter (2)
register problems after installing newest update miribar (3)
Putting a limit on the number of times a quiz can be taken? Jacqueline (4)
Receiving quiz results using Moodle guest access Andy Perrin (4)
Issue with pass score percentage change Pierre (5)
Lost *.qwz file only have *.swf Lenny (2)
Send results by email client Kapi (6)
Character Limit Tom Lynk (2)
Upload to Google page Niels (2)
Can´t see if the answer was correct or not Christiane (2)
PinYin Cameron (3)
Test Results don (8)
quiz on CD sarah lowry (8)
Quiz Details Nasr (2)
Themes Douglas (3)
How can i send quiz to open on someone's email page? mel (4)
manipulating final results Dennis (6)
Test Result Numbers don (2)
Server Issue don (5)
How does it run? Cole (4)
What are the requirements Dhigu (2)
Minus marking Dhaivat (2)
Error report Douglas (5)
Printing the Quiz Linda (3)
Fill in the blanks Shirley (5)
Printing Carol (7)
How can I create a Short answer or Essay question? Daniel (2)
On question writer Bala Reddy (4)
FAQ: When will feature XYZ be added. Alexander McCabe (12)
"Root element is missing." sara (5)
mysql george (2)
.swf audio files michael (4)
Back-up Server - Update Needed Keven (2)
FAQ: How do I change the User Interface language? Alexander McCabe (1)
Error message Joan (3)
Show question level feedback Lee (2)
Arabic Language Imal (3)
Feature Suggestion Bernadette (5)
Distortion in Online Version of Quiz Bernadette (7)
Integrating Question writier with any other Learning Management System (LMS) Manik prabhu (2)
Feature request franz (3)
Random question Franz (2)
Combining quizzes Pam Nelson (2)
Raondom questions Mandi (4)
essay questions DanielK (3)
Aggression Questionnair sample Andy-cks (4)
Adding Images quizzer (2)
Distributors guerly (2)
New Version Probem - Does not publish for web Neha Khedekar (5)
Error when finishing the quizzes davina (2)
loading speed franz (6)
After Quiz option Pierre Collot (4)
Sporadic behaviour Steve (5)
Using html mode and images Franz (2)
zoom franz (4)
2 correct answers franz (4)
Selection of Test question from mutiple banks Bear (4)
Looking for a file Shannon (6)
text to Qwz format Conversion Rao (2)
Adding additional fields Ronda (4)
Preview of .qwz file missing questions Ronda (2)
Question Text Formatting Neha Khedekar (8)
Help in the Product Pierre Collot (4)
Display of Test level feedback Pierre Collot (4)
Adding the current date/time in Report Pierre Collot (2)
How do i change the template? XenoCyde (2)
email hh (2)
Two part questions Cosmos (7)
Japanese Characters Julie (3)
Changing open quiz page text Ronda (2)
Random Emma (4)
Sending issue Mandi (2)
Publisher result via PHP peter (2)
AICC support wayne (5)
Local printing in German version doesn't work Josef (3)
Personal Use John (2)
Embedding & Random Q Johan (7)
Scoring SKB (6)
Randomize SKB (2)
Multiple options Sam (2)
Publishing James (5)
MySpace Bulletins TeXX (4)
Results to multiple email ids? Koduri N (5)
Change specific word in code? Johan (5)
Import Funktion Hubert (5)
language and Academic license Hubert (7)
using the quiz after its trial perid is over ruchira (2)
unable to view the question in preview ruchira (11)
publishing to cd ruchira (2)
Option Feedback not saving KaneofTN (5)
Screenreader Sidekick (2)
upload question scripts Ian (3)
Preview not working Alan (2)
Send Result To MySql????? Andy (2)
Vista & Removing Author don (6)
Printing for proof reading Teg (3)
Default question level feedback Teg (3)
Inconsistent sending of results Teg (6)
empty application! Crometool (2)
License Report don (5)
Suggestions Dionne (2)
other languages SKB (4)
differences in preview and published versions Les (2)
Ability to export and analyse results Les (2)
Terminal Server / Citrix metaframe Ian (2)
Multiple licenses Ian (2)
use on more than one computer don mason (4)
Commercial license rights Josef Widtmann (2)
Does Question Write Personal Edition send Results? Jose Valdir (2)
Email issues Mandi (6)
randomly generated jenni (4)
question writer raj2jazz (3)
saving result raj (2)
Themes Tanya (2)
Name Prompt Text Warpaint (3)
Getting the Cannot find LMS API Nachi (20)
FAQ: How do I put a quiz on my website? Alexander McCabe (2)
Quiz did not save Alan (13)
Web page Tim (2)
How to get a Consolidated Report Brandon (11)
installation aktiv (5)
Missing features. Andres (3)
Upgrade Darren (4)
Membership Access tomcat (2)
Integration with NETg platform Teg (2)
Program choice Paul (2)
How to prevent correct answers from showing. (8)
Software Colin (8)
Fill in the Blanks Chris (2)
themes alex (2)
Scoring and branching Marc Taslimi (2)
Text quality Teg (4)
Certificates Jamie (3)
using Unicode Sanskrit fonts KK (5)
Sending results Nick Abbott (4)
Longer answers required Darren (2)
Scoring node and xml Marc Taslimi (6)
Just need a little more time with NETg Teg (2)
SCORM scoring and NETg LMS Teg (6)
Playing a standalone swf Teg (10)
How to save as swf files Nikhil (2)
Time Darren (2)
Password, Corporate Image Mark (3)
send result e-mail maarten schutjes (2)
quizzzer wont load fully kenenth geurts (2)
Printing results SLemon (2)
FAQ: Payment Methods Alexander McCabe (1)
FAQ: Electronic Delivery Alexander McCabe (1)
FAQ: Content made in trial version Alexander McCabe (1)
FAQ: Academic and Commercial License Differences Alexander McCabe (1)
Can you create your own theme? Cindy Curran (4)
Change mark Quizer (2)
Address of the test testmaker (2)
The license you sent me does not work JHSPDX (2)
Can you make different sections aaek (2)
Question feedback bug? Cindy Curran (2)
Minimalism theme Marie (3)
Question Pool Feature for automatic question selection in the survey Neha Khedekar (9)
matching questions points for partial Jeff (3)
Q Writer mutliple correct answers tranquilo (3)
surveys sambo (4)
Mathematics Questions, answers and negative marking etc... mmmmm (3)
Differences between editions Alexander McCabe (1)
Must quizzes be completed in one sitting? steve (2)
Image Zoom in Publisher Edition Clifford Fullerton (3)
Author's name WH (2)
Research Till (2)
Special Characters mabukarim (2)
User authentication nitin bhogan (2)
automation steve (2)
spacing steve (2)
Touch screen james (3)
Number of web players Vedran (2)
Printing Certificate Bonez (4)
Creating Quizzes Quickly Paddywack (8)
Displaying Results N Howe (3)
Quiz prepared with evaluation version Rina (2)
Error in the Install process Lalohr (2)
Love randomization and sounds Karen G (1)
quiz author steve (2)
Student Access to Exam Questions Holygrailusa (2)
Flash jim (2)
Embedding Sound Files UnderTheDome (7)
sound steve (5)
Quizedition-Background miribar (2)
change size (200x300 insted 800x600) raul (17)
Publisher Edition - SCORM Alexander McCabe (1)
Randomizing and grading Phil Edwards (3)
support for equations or images Rudy (2)
Quiz Edition - Is it possible to change right and wrong symbols? Adam Schroeder (4)
test answers karen (4)
flash source fla insteed of swf Robin (2)
Quiz Edition - small UI suggestion. Adam Schroeder (4)
Question Writer Publisher - Custom Font? Adam Schroeder (5)
Previeuw-Error Mirjam (5)
FAQ: How do I use HTML text formatting in Quiz Edition Alexander McCabe (1)
viewing source code freejmp7 (5)
Placement of question feedback Peter (2)
FAQ: Maximum Number Of Questions Alexander McCabe (3)
FAQ: Importing a Quiz Edition file into Publisher Edition Alexander McCabe (1)
FAQ: Not Receiving E-mail Results Alexander McCabe (1)
Button Sound Effects Alexander McCabe (1)
Right to left text -Hebrew Hebrew User (3)
German "umlaut" in browser title bar Robert (7)
Possibilities of your quizz-system Fantasio (3)
Assessment Vacancies Alexander McCabe (1)
Save to database in web willem (7)
Few points/questions David Chandler (3)
about printing Kimble Kong (4)
Some Suggestions Kimble Kong (6)
scoring for ranking component Etienne (2)
section/page navigation etienne (2)
Another Bug Kimble Kong (2)
Questions/Comments Michael (9)
Hop quick final release Kimble Kong (2)
Beta Testing QW 2 Joao (7)
Not a programmer Question tester (5)
Bugs/Quirks/Suggestions Adam Schroeder (9)
Bugs report (various) Martin (3)
a few suggestions Kimble Kong (4)
Light skyblue color bands appear... Kimble (3)
Zoom image bug Rick (3)

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