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Autosave in event of power failure

I have a test with the power failure option selected.

I have a student who say she submitted her test but I did not receive it in my Tracker account.

She has gone back in to the test but says her responses were not saved, which further confirms that she must have submitted it.

She admit she was constantly going back and forward checking her answers, and did exit twice and went back in and her answers were still there.

However, she says she did eventually submit, but I did not receive the test in my Tracker account and it appears lost.

Could it be that she exited too many times and the system thought perhaps there was a technical problem and closed her test down?

I have instructed her to do the test again in the circumstances.

Barrie Morgan
April 3, 2017 09:56PM

Hallo Barrie

Based on the information that you have provided I cannot be 100% sure what has happened but it does sound more like user error. The system does not "think" in that way but acts according to the status of the system.

I think doing the test again is probably the best advice you could give.

Hazel Skeet
April 4, 2017 09:06AM

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