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regarding setting up quesion

i ws preparing a quiz with 4 sections and 100 ques n each section. i wanted to know how can i fix the number of ques in ques that the user will have to answer like i want to fix it at 20. how to do that?

November 10, 2017 07:22AM

Hallo Avi

You can use the Randomization feature in the Section Properties to randomly select eg 5 questions from each of your 4 sections.

There is more information on randomization and the use of sections in our manual: [www.questionwriter.com]

Please note that you need to select the number of questions to appear in each section.

Once you have done this you can use the Quiz Properties to set how many different versions of your randomised quiz to pre-generate.

Hazel Skeet
November 10, 2017 07:35AM

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