There are a number of support options open to you for help with our quiz software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Try the Question Writer Frequently Asked Questions as your first port of call. This answers the questions that are most frequently asked about Question Writer.

Question Writer Manual

The Question Writer Manual is comprehensive resource that includes full details of all the features of Question Writer. It includes tutorials for different tasks and is a great reference for the exact details of different features.

Question Writer Forum

The Question Writer Forum is searchable so you may be able to find an immediate solution to your problem with a quick search. You can also post your question directly. The forum doesn’t require a login/password so you can post your query with minimum fuss. We try to respond to forum queries within 24 hours.


Unlimited e-mail support is available to licensed users of Question Writer at We do our best to reply to e-mail support queries withing 48 hours but encourage our users to use the forum for faster response. For sales enquiries and questions about individual licensing, please contact

Phone Support

Phone support and custom development are also available as a premium service offering. Pre-pay for phone support and custom development here.


Visit the Question Writer Blog for the latest news and tips and tricks.