How Strong is Your Relationship? Take the Therapist’s Test

Here’s an online version of Andrew G Marshall’s ‘How Strong is Your Relationship’ test, created with Question Writer HTML5. It’s a short 9 question test that will give you a quick indication of the strength of your relationship.

The test is published in the Guardian here – and this gives the scoring key. You can see how that scoring is achieved in Question Writer with the source here.

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Software Update – Flexible Question Feedback

There’s a new version of Question Writer HTML5 available to download. There’s one big new feature and a few minor fixes.

1. Question Feedback – Each question can now include three types of feedback – general, correct and incorrect. The feedback can now include all media types, including images, audio, video, html, mathml etc. – anything you can think of can be feedback for a question.

2. Preview Button – Sometimes the preview pane can freeze under a heavy usage. There’s a preview button on the main toolbar now – this resets the preview pane. Use it if the preview isn’t keeping up with your edits.

3. QTI Export – The QTI export has bug fixes and improvement to closely follow the QTI 1.2 specification. Question Writer HTML5 is the most versatile QTI authoring software available.

4. Result Sending Timeout Fix – We’ve had reports from users on very slow internet connections of timeouts that occur before results are successfully sent through. A new fix gradually increases the timeout period if the user is having trouble sending results.

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More HTML5 Updates

Following last week’s updates, I’ve got a new updated installer today with 3 more improvements.

1. Updated Themes to allow more HTML. Some of the themes were preventing basic HTML tags like bold and italic from being recognized. The themes are updated now and should no longer cause this problem. To fix any existing content displaying this problem, install the new version and re-apply the theme to your quiz.

2. Feedback pages will only be displayed for questions that have been displayed. Previously if a user hadn’t viewed a question – maybe because branching skipped the question, or they didn’t have time to view it, the feedback at the end of the quiz would be displayed anyway. This behavior has been changed now – if the user never saw the question, they won’t see the feedback for it either.

3. There’s a new css class applied to the feedback area. ‘questionfeedbackarea’ class – so it makes it easier to apply a style to the whole question feedback area.

You can download the latest Question Writer HTML5 quiz software here.

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Bugfix Update

There’s a new update to the Question Writer HTML5 software today that includes 3 bugfixes. Thanks to our users for the bug reports – keep them coming!

1. MathML when publishing for printing. Our new MathML and LaTeX feature wasn’t displaying equations for printed tests. That’s fixed.

2. Firefox HTTPS. When tests were being displayed on a secure connection(https), but trying to send results to an insecure server(http), the connection was failing. Now, the software will try to upgrade the results connection to secure(https) for sending.

3. Timezone. The timezone shown on the user’s report at the end of the quiz was shown in the UTC timezone. It should be in the user’s local time. That’s fixed.

You can download the latest Question Writer HTML5 quiz software here.

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CSS in Question Writer HTML5 Screencast

Question Writer supports CSS in a number of ways –

1. All the themes are CSS based
2. Additional CSS instructions under Appearance Settings of Quiz Properties
3. Supplementary CSS files under the resources element

Here’s a quick screencast detailing the different ways CSS can be used in Question Writer HTML5.

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Math Equations – MathML, LaTeX, ASCIIMathML Support

Question Writer HTML5 now supports math equations through the Mathjax library. Use MathML, LaTeX or ASCIIMathML in a Math element and it will be displayed using Mathjax.


Here’s a sample math quiz to see it in action in your browser. You can download the sample math quiz source.


To add equations to a quiz, add the Math element, then enter your equation in MathML or LaTeX format. You can add the Math element as question body content, or within options for questions. You can use equations in any type of questions, including matching, sequencing and custom question types.


The Mathjax library can be bundled with your quiz or loaded from the web. Usually you’ll want to load it from the web – this will keep the size of the quiz down, and make it faster for the viewer. However, when authoring your quiz, it’ll be faster for previews to leave this option switched off. If the end user of the quiz won’t have internet access, you’ll want to bundle the library with your quiz.

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Quiz App

Quiz apps are easy to make with Question Writer HTML5.

Here’s two I made earlier for you to try out on your iPad or Android tablet right now – search inside the App Store or Google Play for
1. 9/11 Memorial Quiz iOS | Android
2. The Flexuality Test (17+) iOS | Android

How do I make a quiz app?

It’s really easy, you just choose the ‘Export to Phone Gap’ option from the Publish menu. This creates a single zip file containing everything necessary.

Make a quiz app

It’s easy to make a quiz app!

Upload the zip file to Phonegap Build, and it will create the files you need for the different platforms, including the .ipa for iOS and the .apk for Android (and 4 other platforms too). You’ll need to create signing certificates when you are ready to deploy your apps – Phonegap has Android and iOS guides to help.

You can use all your own logos and splash screens for your quiz app – they’re located in the Metadata part of the quiz properties. This is where you can add the name, description, version and other details for your quiz app.

Using Question Writer HTML5 to create quiz apps is one of the fastest ways to create an engaging app and publish it. You don’t need any developer skills and you can use all the advanced functionality including multiple scores, reports, custom javascript, plugin questions, branching, feedback.

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iBooks Quiz

You can use Question Writer HTML5 to create quiz widgets for iBooks Author. You can add the iBooks quiz like any other widget, and collect results and view reports on Question Writer Tracker.

iBooks does have some limited quiz features, but if you’re looking for something more capable – Question Writer is the most powerful quiz tool available and works seamlessly with iBooks. If you want to create a quiz with your own custom scoring, options, question types, feedback, audio and video – this is the solution.

If you want to try it out in iBooks, here’s a sample iBooks Quiz Widget I made earlier.

Export as iBooks Quiz Widget

Export as iBooks Quiz Widget

To create your own from your quiz, choose the ‘Export as iBooks Widget’ option in the Publish menu.

Technical tips for creating an iBooks Quiz

1. Select the ‘Maximize quiz in browser’ option in Web settings to ensure the iBooks quiz is displayed at the correct size.
2. Use a theme with a scrollable pane, rather than a scrollable page – as iBooks quiz widgets cannot scroll the page.

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Hot Spot Question

Hot Spot Questions can now be created with Question Writer HTML5. They are created as plugin question types. Here’s an example hot spot question.

Hot Spot Question Picture

Try hot spot question by clicking on the picture

You’ll find the source for this question in the Samples directory beside the Italy quiz. You can use any image, and update the size of the indicator and location of the correct answer area. Happy hot spotting!

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Black Box Error When Previewing Audio or Video

Okay. Settle down. This is a little bit complicated.

When previewing content that includes audio or video – instead of audio or video, only a black box is displayed.

Black Box Audio Video Error

Like this . . .

Your system is using Internet Explorer 8 to preview the content. IE8 can’t display the content natively, so it uses a Flash fallback to display it. However, file security restrictions mean that the Flash cannot load local files, and a black box is shown.

Install Internet Explorer 9+ – Note: requires Windows Vista/Windows 7+

If you’re using Windows XP, you won’t be able to install IE9. There are two options –
1. Ignore it. The audio/video will show up fine when you view the content on the web including on IE8.
2. Change your Flash Global Security Settings. Add to ‘Always Trust Files In These Locations” – the Question Writer cache folder (similar to ‘C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Question Writer Corporation\Question Writer HTML5\Cache’); Update: This doesn’t seem to work.
3. Use internet based files – rather than using local files, reference audio/video files that you have already placed on your webserver.

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