Question Writer 4 Beta

Question Writer 4 is now available in beta form. ‘Beta’ means that it now has all of its features but it is not well tested yet and some of the translations aren’t ready yet. Don’t use it for anything critical just yet, but do check out the new features!
Download Question Writer 4
I’ll be blogging the new features in detail over the coming weeks, but here’s a summary of what’s new.
Major New Features
Pages – Pages allow multiple questions to be placed on the same page
Multiple Scores – You can now specify a score variable to be associated with each question – this allows you to maintain multiple scores in the same test.
Feedback – You can now define feedback pages with content to be displayed based on the answers or scores achieved in previous questions.
Branching – Branching allows skipping questions, or jumping to previous questions based on the answers or scores achieved in previous questions.
Plugin Question Type – Plugin Questions allow any question type to be seamlessly integrated into Question Writer. The beta includes 3 sample Plugin Question types. This allows you to write your own question types.
Content Model– Text, images and Flash can now be used together both in question content and answer options. This allows matching images to text/sound for example, or multiple images in the question content.
Minor New Features
PDF Export – Export your Flash quiz inside a PDF document to allow easy e-mailing of quizzes.
Text Colors Override – Override the body, title and feedback colors.
Cross/Ticks – Override the crosses/ticks used in the theme.
Small Fonts – Specify small fonts for easy to read text on small screens and mobile devices.
MP3 Audio – Add audio direct from MP3 files as part of your question.
Respect Newlines – Use HTML text formatting, but respect newlines in the text
Exact Positioning – Choose exact co-ordiantes for images/text to appear on screen.
You can install it side-by-side with your existing Question Writer 3 installation.
Any licenses purchased on or after March 1st, 2010 are eligible for a free upgrade to Question Writer 4 – contact for your updated license.

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