Question Writer 3.5 Alpha

Question Writer 3.5 is still very much a work in progress. However, I wanted to get an early version out for testing and discussion.
So here’s an Alpha of Question Writer 3.5 for download.
‘Alpha’ means it is not feature complete and the features are not fully settled. Use the latest stable version (Currently QW 3.4) for any serious work – the Alpha is for testing and guidance. You’ll also need to uninstall your current version of Question Writer to try it out.
What’s New? (Professional Edition)
1. Allow Spelling Errors in Fill-In-The-Blank questions. A very big drawback to FIB questions is having to identify the exact characters that a user must type in to get a question right. This new feature allows you to award full or partial marks to students who come close enough.
You can also specify how close.
The default setting is 30%, meaning 3 errors in a 10 letter word or 1 in a 4 letter word.
An error is either
i) Wrong letter (Necessery)
ii) Missing letter (Necesary)
iii) Extra letter (Neccessary)
iv) Two letters switched around (Recieve)
v) Where case-correct answers are required, switching the case of a letter is also marked as a single error. (washington)
You can still define multiple correct answers, and the one with fewest errors compared to the student’s answers will be used.
2. Revamped Import from Text Format
The Text format import has been completely revamped. You can now define correct and incorrect feedback, add images in the question, and title metadata is correctly imported too. Also, if there is a problem with the import format, you’ll get more details on what went wrong to make it easier to correct.
3. Export to Text Format
QW 3.5 allows export to the Text Format too. This is helpful if you need to find out how to format your questions for import or to export your questions for use in another system. Respondus in particular can import this kind of text format – let me know if you have success with other software too. n.b. The text format just includes the raw questions – none of the theme, properties or sections.
Do please let me know your thoughts on the new features – if you find a problem while you’re using the Alpha, do please report it, including the version number in the About box so I know where to look.

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