Question Writer Tracker – Access Restored

At 6:00am UTC on February 20th the Question Writer Tracker website experienced unexpected technical difficulties that resulted in the website reporting information from an out-of-date database that was missing results for the past three weeks.

The website has been taken offline to avoid the possibility of database corruption.

While the website is offline, it won’t be possible to access any quizzes or results stored on the website.

You can still run quizzes that are hosted on your own website, results will be directed to our backup server, where they will be stored until access to the main website has been restored. They will then be processed onto the main server.

I apologize for the disruption, we’re working hard to restore access to Question Writer Tracker, but it may be 24hours before access is fully restored.

Update: As at 1:30 PM, February 21, access should be fully restored. If you experience any difficulties with the server, please email to let us know. Again I apologize for the disruption caused.

Update 2: We’ve become aware of another issue. Currently it is not possible to upload new quizzes to Question Writer Tracker. We’re working on a fix and hope to have this issue resolved shortly. In the meantime, any old quizzes and quizzes that you host on your own servers will function normally and results will be processed on Question Writer Tracker without issue.

Update 3: The issue with uploading new quizzes has been resolved and everything is functioning normally again.

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