Provide Candidate ID to Question Writer Tracker

Here’s another useful tip if you’re sending quiz takers to Question Writer Tracker, but have their id and don’t want them to enter it a second time.
You can provide their ID in the URL to automatically have the ID embedded in the quiz.
An example:
If your quiz location is
you can embed the user id like this
The candidate will show up on your reports as ‘myuserid’. This technique works with one time use tokens too.
It’ll usually be a good idea to launch a new window without an address bar when using this technique so that the user can’t change the URL himself.

Update for HTML5
The format for links for HTML5 quizzes has changed, so you’ll use a different format when passing a user id to an HTML5 quiz.

A standard link looks like –

to pass the user id ‘userid’, use the following link style,

Note, the ‘qwid-‘ part does not form part of the id, but must be present. Also the trailing slash must be present. Only uppercase and lower case a-z and numbers are allowed in the id.

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