Backup Server

Here’s a small PHP application that allows you to run your own Question Writer backup server. A Question Writer backup server comes into play when a quiz can’t access the main server to send its results. Instead it will send them to a backup server, which will then forward the results on to the main server later on. We run a backup server for Question Writer Tracker, so it is something most users don’t need to worry about.
But there are two situations where you might want to run your own backup server.
1. If you’re running the Collator software to gather results on your own server, you can run the backup server so if your main server is unreachable for a time, you’ll still get the results forwarded through the backup server.
2. If you have a lot of users at the same site, you can run the backup server at the site so that if the internet connection goes down during an exam, the results will be sent to your local backup server, and transferred to the main Question Writer Tracker server when the connection comes back up again.
There’s a setting on the Question Writer Tracker Quiz Details page that allows you to set your own backup server location.

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