Better Best Effort Service

A free results-by-email service is provided alongside Question Writer – this is so that you can put your quizzes online and get back people’s results and responses. It uses internet servers to accomplish this I’ve described it as a ‘best-effort’ service. That means you shouldn’t run your business with it, or use it to gather vital end-of-term assessment data. It’s a convenience for low-stakes stuff.
However, I’m trying to make it as reliable as possible, and really make the best-effort. So when publishing with the latest version of Question Writer, it’ll now send the results through a new server that has 100% redundant hosting (it distributes the service across a number of servers locally). Furthermore, if the primary server is not available for any reason, the quiz will switch and try to send through the secondary server, located in a different geographic location – it’ll continue switching back and forth until it has successfully sent the results.

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