Usability Testing

I’ve been doing a lot of usability testing recently. That has involved sitting friends and family down in front of Question Writer and seeing how they use the software first hand. It gives a good idea of what’s intuitive and where problems can occur. It has yielded lots of little insights. For instance, I include this little messages where previously people would get confused why nothing had changed after switching a theme –
A point where a lot of testers got frustrated was in adding a new question for the first time. There are two ways to do this in quiz edition, pressing one of the big question buttons or right clicking the quiz node and adding a question. I don’t know why, but many users would try anything but press one of those big buttons.
I’ve added a new menu, ‘Add Question’, which has the same effect. My experience with usability testing tells me that users will be much more likely to experiement with this, and so less likely to get frustrated.
That’s present now in the current version –
Question Writer Assembly Version: 2.0.2232.41471
Flaunt Assembly Version: 6.1.2228.2862
There’s a few other small fixes – duplicated questions appear at the bottom of the question tree rather than the top, newlines can’t be placed in some one line text fields like they could before.

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