Power Failure Recovery

This new feature is called “Enable User Responses Recovery in the Event of Power Failure”. That’s a mouthful. It means that if something goes wrong while a user is taking a test, they can just bring the test up again, and all their answers will still be there. The timer will be set at the correct value too.
Calling it a power failure feature is a little euphemistic . . . realistically a lot of things can go wrong during a test. The power can certainly get cut, but the hardware can also fail, the browser can crash, the test taker can close the browser by mistake, the internet connection can go down, the whole internet can go down, the results server and backup server can fail.
The responses are saved locally in the browser every 10 seconds, and the responses are deleted when the user sucessfully exits the test. The only time you might not want to use this feature is if you’re collecting sensitive information, and you don’t want to have this information stored on the user’s computer.
The feature also works in combination with randomization, so it’ll bring up the correct pre-randomized version of the test when the user re-enters.

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