Question Writer 4.2 is Out

Question Writer 4.2 is available for download now. If you have a license for Question Writer 4, you’ll be able to upgrade and use the new version. Remember to uninstall your existing version first.
As always, there are bug fixes and performance enhancements. There’s three great new features too –

  • 1. Power Failure Recovery. There’s an option now to allow the computer to remember the answers that are being entered. In the event of a powercut or computer failure, the student can take up from where they left off.
  • 2. Domain Protection. Domain Protection allows you to specify the website from which your test can be viewed. This helps to prevent people re-publishing your tests on different websites.
  • 3. Randomization Seed. If you’re randomizing your questions, you can set a randomization seed value now. This means that the quiz will be randomized in the same way each time. This is useful if you want to publish on the Web and for printing and you want the randomization to be the same for both.
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