Question Writer 3.3

Question Writer 3.3 is available for download today. Here’s a quick list of the new features and fixes. I’ll blog them in more detail over the course of next week.
1. Publish for Printing. This is the biggest new feature and will create a HTML version of your quiz optimized for the printed page.
2. Text Size. This is in the advanced quiz options and allows you to override the size of the body and title text set by the theme.
3. Disable Essay Feedback. This setting allows you to specify that no feedback page should be shown for an essay style question.
4. HTML Title Fix. Previously some html tags had been making it into question titles and reports in Question Writer Tracker. Question Writer will now strip these out.
5. Specify Flash Version in Standard Edition. Previously, if you were using the Standard version, you couldn’t change the Flash version of the output. You can now – set it at Flash 8 to improve image quality.
6. Upload to QWT Improved. Some users were having difficultly using the upload facility in Question Writer when behind a corporate firewall or proxy. I’ve improved the code to help with this.
7. Section ‘Flattening’ You can now choose whether the contents of a section should be kept inside the section or randomized with questions from other sections.

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