FlashPaper in Question Writer

Nearly all version 6 Flash (Flash MX) can be embedded inside a Question Writer Assessment using the Flash Element. That includes Flash with audio, movies, animations and even complex actionscript features. The Flash elements can be embedded so that they form part of the main assessment file – or linked in, so they are loaded at runtime.
Flash elements can also be displayed directly or loaded through a component, defined in the Flash Control Panel. This component can then act to modify the Flash before it is displayed – I’ve used it to zoom pieces of flash on mouseover – and I’ve used it today to display FlashPaper inside Question Writer. FlashPaper has an advanced sizing capability – so the flash component resizes the FlashPaper after it is embedded.
Adobe’s FlashPaper is a neat tool, that allows you to display anything that can be printed as a Flash file with a built in viewer. For example, it’s useful for displaying PDF files when you don’t want to use the PDF format. In an assessment context, you might want to present a PDF, and then ask comprehension questions on it without switching between display mechanisms. Here’s a short example of that.
Question Writer – Publisher Edition Source (.qwf)
Flash Paper Display Component Source (.fla)

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