Question Randomization

Today’s new Question Writer versions (except Personal Edition) include a feature that you’ve all been demanding since the very first release – runtime randomization. It’s helpful for mixing up the location of the right answer in a multiple choice question, or changing the order of a list of options in a survey.
It comes in two different flavours –
Publisher Edition allows you choose to randomize the contents of a row or column. The rows or columns can include options, or complete questions and it’s nested, so you might randomize a row, inside a column, inside a row.
Quiz Edition let’s you specify an option in the quiz properties box, “Randomize Question Options” – that’ll randomize the Multiple Choice, Multiple Response and the True/False question options. Matching questions already have randomization. One caveat for Quiz Edition – it doesn’t yet match the order of the randomized question on the Feedback page – I don’t think it’s a big issue, but it might confuse some.

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