Appearance Settings

As well as changing the look of the quiz by swapping templates, you can customize the appearance of the quiz to suit yourself, eg to give the quiz pages the same appearance as your website pages.

There are 3 parts to the Quiz Properties Appearance Settings window:

  • Change Background Images
  • Change Feedback Images
  • Additional CSS

Change Background Images

Question Writer Appearance Settings Background ImagesYou can easily add your own background images in place of the Quiz Background, Loader Background or Finished Background images found in the theme.

Simply tick the relevant box and then click on Select File and using the File Resources Window to Add and Use the relevant images.

Question Writer Appearance Settings File Resources

Change Feedback Images

In the same way you can you can change the images that appear to indicate a correct or incorrect answer in the feedback.

Question Writer Appearance Settings Feedback Images

Additional CSS

You can enter additional CSS styles here to affect the way the quiz is displayed.

Question Writer Appearance Settings CSSHere are some examples of the scripts that can be used to change the appearance of your quiz.

This blog article gives you some further information about how Question Writer HTML5 uses CSS and the different ways you can use CSS to change the appearance of your quiz.


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