How do I award negative scores?

You can award negative scores in a Partial Credit question.  A Partial Credit question can be used as

  • a multiple choice or
  • a multiple response question.  With multiple response questions you can give a different score to each answer option.

When you have added your Partial Credit question, open the  question properties window.

Question Writer Partial Credit Properties

You can see in this example that the first option has a negative score.

If you are using the Partial Credit as a multiple choice type question there will be only one “correct” answer.   If you want you can still award a negative scores.

You can also choose whether those negative points are set against the overall points for a quiz.  Do this by:

  1. right clicking on the green quiz icon and selecting Properties.
  2. Checking the Allow Overall Negative Marks boxes in the Question Scoring Options section.

Question Writer Question Option Properties

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