Limit Number of Matches in Matching Questions

We try to keep the settings for the questions as simple as possible. This helps make Question Writer easy to get started with. The powerful features are accessed through the quiz properties where new users won’t be intimidated by them.
Sometimes a new feature is so useful that it is worth having right alongside the question. That’s the case with the ‘Match limiting’ feature.
Consider the following question – it contains all 50 US states and capitals. That’s way too many for a single question though, so the match limiter allows you to set the number of matches that should be displayed each time the question is used.
This makes the question ideal for re-use. This same question can be duplicated many times in a single quiz, or dropped into new quizzes to keep the student refreshed. For example, in a course on US geography, the first quiz might have this question repeated 10 times. Later quizzes might include the question just once to keep the student refreshed.
Try our state capitals quiz now! It has a 4 minute time limit. See if you can beat it.

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