Sequencing Questions

When you use the Sequencing question type you will be asking the quiz taker to place a selection of statements in the correct order.

Question Writer Sequencing Question type

You enter the answer options in the correct order and Question Writer will automatically randomise them when you publish the quiz.  You should be sure that there is only one correct order.  The quiz taker will be able to drag and drop the answers into a grid.

Question Writer Sequencing Question example

When Partial Credits are applied to sequencing questions you can give most of the marks where the quiz-taker knows the basics and extra credit for those fully in command of the topic. The scoring is based on correct relative pairs; the number of possible pairs depends on the number of elements or choices. If you have 6 elements you will have 15 possible relative pairs. The scoring works by subtracting the number of incorrect pairs from the number of correct pairs and maps it to the number of points available for the question. The mark is given rounded to the nearest whole number. For more detail on how this works see this blog article.

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