The File Menu

When you first open Question Writer, or if you have closed all quiz windows, you will see the start-up menu bar

Question Writer Start Up Menu In addition to just clicking on the buttons for New Quiz or Open Quiz you can click on File (or use Control F if you prefer).

At start up you will see the following options:

Question Writer File Menu Options at start

In addition to New Quiz or Open Quiz you will see a list of recently saved quizzes – of course if you have just started using Question Writer there will not be any recently used quizzes to view.

New Quiz

Click on New Quiz to start a new quiz.  A blank quiz window will open for you to start working on a new quiz.

Question Writer new quiz window

You can either start adding questions or editing the quiz properties.

Open Quiz

Clicking on Open Quiz will open a browser window allowing you to navigate to where you saved the quiz you are looking for.

Alternatively you could just open a quiz that you have been working on recently by clicking on the quiz file in the list of recently closed quizzes.


Clicking on Exit will close Question Writer.  If you have been working on a quiz that has not yet been saved you will be prompted to save it before Question Writer closes.

The Quiz File Menu

Once you have opened a quiz you will see that the menu bar changes:

Question Writer quiz menu

The File menu now has 3 additional options

  • Save
  • Save As
  • Close

Question Writer quiz file options


Clicking on Save will save the quiz under the same file name and location as it has been previously saved.

If you have not previously saved the quiz you will be given the option to choose a location and name.

Save As

Question Writer quiz file save

As you would expect with Windows based software, Save As will open a new browser window allowing you to save your quiz file in the name and location that you specify.  This saves a file called “your file name”.qwz wherever you specify on your computer or if you prefer to another location (eg USB memory stick).


Clicking Close will simply close the quiz window that you are working on, it will not close Question Writer.  If you have not saved the quiz you will be asked if you wish to save before closing the window.

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