How to Make Partial Credit Questions


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Partial credit questions is a variant of multiple choice questions that allow you to assign the same or different points to every answer. This penalizes guesswork because you may award negative points for incorrect answers while giving partial points to one or more correct answers.

Certain tests make use of partial credit questions to determine multiple correct answers. For example, a disease has many symptoms and the test taker identifies all the correct ones but may answer a wrong one from the selection.

Step 1

Step 1. Click the “Partial Credit” icon on the main panel.

Step 1: Partial Credit Icon

Alternatively, you can click “Add Question” on the main menu and select “Partial Credit” from the drop down menu.

Step 1: Partial Credit Drop Down

You can also right-click the Quiz icon on the left panel, select “Add” then “Partial Credit.”

Step 1: Partial Credit AddStep 2Type your question in the “Question Body” box.

Step 2: Partial CreditStep 3If you want, you can include an image by ticking the box, hitting the select file button, then add the file from your computer.

Step 3: Add ImageStep 4Type the options in the boxes. Assign points on the left column to every possible answer. Award positive points to the correct answers. (You can assign more points to an answer that is more correct than the rest of the right choices e.g. 1 point, 2                    points, 3 points, etc.) For the incorrect answers, assign negative points e.g. -1 or -2                points.

Step 4: AnswersStep 5Place the maximum number of options that may be selected.

Step 5: Max PointsStep 6Type the feedback for the correct and incorrect answers. Then hit preview to look at how your partial credit quiz looks like.

Step 6: Feedback

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